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Zakynthos: The Islands of Parties and Turtles

The summer season is open and you need to prepare for your vacation. If you still haven’t found the right destination for your summer getaway we warmly recommend the amazing Greek island Zakynthos.

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This lovely island in the Ionian Sea can meet everybody vacation wishes. All night parties in Laganas, romantic beach and bars in Kalamaki, fun family resorts in Tsilivi, Alykes, Alykanas and Argasi. Long and sandy beaches, wine yards, museums, breathtaking county sides, stunning sunsets and old amazing city of Zante.

This island is located in the Ionian Sea and it is the third largest of the Ionian Islands, all known for the traditional Greek culture and tradition, the beaches, delicious food and wine and the amazing holiday experience, relaxation and adventure.

Zakynthos, also known as Zante is popular because of the all night parties between the young people, but families love it because of the warm sea water, sandy beaches and the cute turtles.

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You won’t regret if you chose this Greek island to be your summer destination, because it has it all. And if you are still in a dilemma, here is what you can do.

The main reason we want a summer vacation is to hit the beach. And Zante has plenty of them, all long, sandy, with clear sea water and sunshine. Every of the small cities and villages on Zakynthos has a beach, but there are many small and beautiful beaches that you can reach only with boat.

One the most popular beaches is Porto Zoro, where along with amazing nature, luxurious bars and lazy days at the beach, you can also enjoy natural mud bathing with healing mud rich with minerals that is great for the skin.
Along with the beaches, which you need to see as many as you can on this amazing island, a must visit place is the Marathonissi island, known as the turtle island which is home to the caretta-caretta. To there you can get with a small boat and tours run every day. The island is small and on the beach you can see the turtle’s nests and see this cute and big animals swimming around in their natural environment.

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But, the one place on this old island that will take your breath away is the Navagio beach famous for the shipwreck. Along with the blue rooftops of Santorini, the shipwreck is the most photographed spot in Greece. To this white beach with turquoise sea you can get only with a ship or speedboat. The beach is small, but stunning. According to the story that locals are telling for years, this knows as the Smugglers cove since 1983 when a smuggler ship named Panagiotis has wrecked on the beach when a storm caught it while transporting cigarettes.

But, to feel and to know this island with all his beauty, smells and taste you have to take the very popular cruise around the island. It is an all day cruise that will take you to the best spot on the island, such as the Blue caves, Navagio and The rock with Poseidon face, all the amazing beaches and views that will put a smile on your face.

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Don’t forget to visit the capital of the island, the town Zante. This is a small city with typical Greek architecture, lots of taverns that serve traditional food and drinks, a museums and gift shops with handmade souvenirs.

And, worth to mention all the club where party never stops. Famous DJ-s, dancing podiums, lots of fun and loud music with tourists from all over the world.

And for the kids, and grow ups too, you have an adventurous water park and lot of exited water sports.

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If it is a party, a long and lazy day at the beach, fun day cruising around and tasting the flavors and smells of this island, discovering all the natural wonders or just shopping in the city, Zakynthos has it all.

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