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Have you ever wondered why one finger is longer than the other, and why that is not the same in all people. Maybe you have longer ring finger than the index finger and the situation at your partner fingers is opposite? Does finger length differs from pole to pole? Can you reveal more about a person if his fingers are analyzed and their length?

Some of the latest studies shows that finger length can tell us many things about our personality. The length of the fingers can tell either you are straight or homosexual, aggressive or passive personality. It can also show us our capabilities and our gift for music or writing etc.

People with longer ring finger than the index finger are very beautiful in appearance and very charming. But also they are also more aggressive and decisive. Most of this people are engineers, soldiers and they know how to make more money.

People who have shorter ring fingers than the index fingers are more arrogant and they have more self-confidence. They enjoy in their free time and do not like any disruption in that period. They are always searching for attention from others.

People with same length of the ring finger and index finger are persons that love peace. They don’t like any type of conflict. They care about their partners but they also care about other people. In fact they try to get along with everybody. Their characteristic is also well organization.

In men, the index finger is usually shorter than the ring finger. In women, this fingers are usually the same length.

There are also many other researches made on the universities, that link the length of those two fingers with the autism. Also researches that finger lengths may predict cancer.

Will you take this seriously or not, depends on you. However these are facts from research done by scientists, professors, who have concrete evidence on their studies.

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