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World’s Most Precious Destinations on the Verge of Disappearance, Great Vacation Ideas

In the year 2007 UNESCO marked Galapagos Islands as one of the endangered places in the world. However, in 2010, after Ecuador’s Government increased the efforts for the islands’ conservation, they were removed from the list. Although this story is encouraging, there are still many places in the world that can be irrevocably lost up to 2100. Once the African lions are gone, we cannot reverse the process. The same is true for some island countries and the Venetian buildings dating from the 9th century. Of course, it is impossible to determine whether the Great Coral reef is more important than Amazon, so we have created a list of the most precious endangered destinations in chronological order. The list has also a good vacation ideas while still you can visit them.

By 2100 we could witness the disappearance of…


Antarctica is not permanently inhabited, but its presence is very important for all people in the world. In the last 50 years the temperatures in some parts of the South Pole have increased by almost three degrees Celsius, which is five times faster than the global average. The ice in Antarctica represents 70 percent of the fresh water on Earth, and if it is dissolved at once, ocean levels will grow to nearly 60 feet, which would endanger the life on the whole planet.

 via Flickr, by Eugene Kaspersky, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, an association of over 30 international NGOs is trying to implement initiatives such as juridical regulations for tourism and sustainable fisheries.

Venice, Italy

One of the most beautiful coastal cities is surely Venice. However, Italy may soon run out of gems, as sea-level rise due to global warming each year is threatening to permanently flood the city. Venice stands on 118 miniature islands and floods caused by tides of the Adriatic Sea began to pose a threat in the last 60 years. For example, in 1900 St. Marco’s Square was flooded seven times, while in 2002 – 108 times.

 via Flickr, by Tony Hammond, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Also, the salty water damages the historical buildings such as the Doge’s Palace, which dates from the 9th century. Since 1966, Venice in Peril is engaged in research in order to protect the city from floods and to restore the monuments and works of art of this city. It is interesting that the greatest help we could provide Venice is not-visiting.

By 2070 we could witness the disappearance of

The Himalayas, Great vacation ideas

Like Antarctica, the Himalayas are covered with snow and ice. In fact, the highest mountain range in the world that stretches over 2,500 miles through seven states has the largest mass of ice in the world, not counting the polar supplies. However, the ice in Antarctica is melting, and between 1950 and 1980 half of its glaciers started to disappear. 95 % of the glaciers have begun to melt since 2010. Scientists predict that only 47 percent of them will “survive” to 2070.

 via Flickr, by A.Ostrovsky, license CC BY-SA 2.0

By 2040 we could witness the disappearance of


Extreme temperatures and climate changes affect the quality of the soil, and many regions known for the cultivation of vineyards this could mean losing their crops. From the French Bordeaux, the Napa Valley in the US, grapes for quality wines could become a rarity. If you want to help – buy more wine, and of course it is also a great part of our vacation ideas!

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