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The World’s Craziest Water Coaster

Judging by its name “Veruckt”, which is the German name for insane you’ll actually think that this water coaster is located in Germany. But in fact, it is in Kansas City, Kan. It is an insane ride, of course, with a height of 51 metres it’s really insane, but it’s a number one choice now for many adrenaline junkies as well. And I bet, that they’re not the only one that want to make this plunge, but many others as well.

Although, this is not a ride for people that are overweight, or possess a history of back issues, or are pregnant of course. Before getting to the part when you’re ready to get on the boat, you get to measured first along with the other one that are supposed to get on the boat. The combined weight mustn’t be over 250 kg.

It’s claimed as the world tallest water coaster, that was ever recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records. With its 264 stairs that you have to take up to the top, it stands as the best breathtaking ride ever, literally I mean. Climbing up the stairs, and when you’re only 2/3 to the top you’ll see a sign that you’ve reached the height of the Statue of Liberty, and some dozen steps up again, you’ll have climbed the height of Niagara Falls, and you still have a lot to the top.

It’s a real something that needs to be experienced. Check how these few young people are enjoying the plunge. It seems that the boys are not as scared as the girl is. She’s screaming the whole way down. The boat moves fast down, around 70 mph. There is a great landscape you can enjoy in a while getting down. But I think no one practises this, because of the speed and excitement they experience in those minutes.

Once they get down, everyone will want to repeat this action regarding the height and danger.

It is a real adrenaline boost.


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