Winter Destinations for the Non-Skiers (2)

1.Sankt Petersburg, RussiaSankt Petersburg’s winters defeated both Napoleon and Hitler, but winter is ideal time to visit this Russian metropolis. The snow gives the city its full charm, the low temperatures mean less crowds in front of the museums and saving up a dollar or two on the arrangements costs. Still, this does not make ‘the Venice on the North’ cheap; in fact, it is more expensive than New York.

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2.Yellowknife, Canada – Witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis while relaxing in Aurora village, near Yellowknife in Canada. This primarily camper’s ground offers an incredible view at the colored sky since Yellowknife is the best place in the Northern Hemisphere to observe this phenomenon. Apart from that, here you can enjoy riding in a sled, observing the stern beauty of the north until Mother Nature starts her evening show.

Yellowknife, Canada-02 via abo-peoples

3.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – If you are getting bored of the same old freezing cold, make a leap to warmer surroundings. Every year in February the traditional Rio carnival takes place. Crazy costumes in all tropical colors, parties that never end and the seductive rhythms of Brazil are waiting for you.

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