Winter Destinations for the Non-Skiers (1)

We present you with few winter destinations than even the ones not into winter will enjoy.

Jigokudani Park, Japan Winter Destinations

If cold weather forced you into cuddling with your blanket and sleeping by the fireplace, imagine how things are for the snow monkeys that reside in the Yaen-Koen Park in Japan. Their residence is also called Jigokudani (hell valley) because of the narrow cliffs and the hot geysers.


 image source via wikimedia by Yosemite licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

The ground is almost covered in snow for about four months each year, and the Japanese Macaque monkeys that live here manage to get through the coldness with the help of the hot waters. Their games are certainly a must-see, but you should stay careful in their presence. Do not come near and do not feed them, since they might feel threatened.

Kirkenes, Norway Winter Destinations

Safaris are no longer an African thing. Namely, King Crab Safari is a one-day trip for the Arctic Adventure Resort to the fjords abundant with giant crabs. Experienced divers can ‘fish’ in the deep waters, and you can have a bite of that fresh catch. This is very popular attraction for the adrenaline seekers and lovers, lately it is becoming one of the biggest Norway winter destinations.

 image source via traveladventureeverywhere

Harbin, China Winter Destinations

This city is home to the International Festival of Snow and Ice featuring beautiful sculpture and structures. The special lightning gives each piece a special tone, and tourists can enjoy the fairytale carriage rides, slide through the icy tracks or watch the bravest ones dive in the freezing waters. This attraction is among the most visited winter destinations in China, where most of the tourist come to enjoy the amazing ice sculptures and amazing set of lights.

 image source via wuhu



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