The Whole World in One Place: Miniwelt

If your wish is to make a tour around the world in a day, you should visit Lichtenstein, a small village nearby Dresden in East Germany. Namely this village is home to an unusual park, named Miniwelt (translated: “a miniature world”) where you can see the world’s most popular attractions, in miniature dimensions of course. The park features around 100 replicas of famous monuments and buildings from ancient times to contemporary age, and since its opening in 1999 it has been visited by more than two million people.

via flickr by tin.G licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The most popular exhibition among the visitors is the one of the Seven World Wonders of the Old World. Yes, in the small village on Lichtenstein you can see the Library of Alexandria, the Temple of Zeus and the Colossus of Rhodes. All of the works exhibited are made in 1:25 proportions compared to the originals, but they haven’t lost their esthetic value because of it. Namely, all the works were created with the same materials that were used in creating the originals.

The biggest model in Miniwelt is the Berlin Television Tower14,60m tall, while the heaviest model (10t) is the Great Pyramid of Giza encompassing 83,91m3. There are still around 20.000 square meters waiting to be filled with 60 more models. Apart from visiting ‘the world’s most famous attractions’ visitors can have lunch in The Door of the World Restaurant, or do a tour around Microcosmos – an exhibition of miniature celestial bodies.

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