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Tips for Travelers When in Dubrovnik

When in Dubrovnik don’t be Afraid Riding with Bus

Don’t be afraid riding with bus, unlike the other European countries the Croatian train travel is not always the easiest way to get somewhere. Although the Croatian train company Croatian Railways connects a lot of cities its main disadvantage is that there it does not offer service in the south. So our advice is to hop on the bus and go wherever you want. Libertas Dubrovnik has more than 13 buses travelling every day between Split and Dubrovnik.

via flickr by Yusuke Kawasaki licensed CC BY 2.0

Rent a Car

If you are with car, or if you rent a car please drive with care and don’t talk on your cell. There are a lot of companies that offer this kind of service and the cars can even be brought on the airport, so when you get off the plane you have your own ride. It is cheaper to book online and in advance because renting cars is big hit in Dubrovnik. You mustn’t drive and talk on your cell, it is illegal and it is for your own safety. If you are staying in town for a long time you will need a Croatian license, because with your own you can only drive for 6 months.

via flickr by Pedro Ribeiro Simões licensed CC BY 2.0

When in Dubrovnik Visit some Islands

If you are sea lover and want to swim in the crystal blue waters then take ferry of charter a boat. There are a lot of residents that have their own boats that travel between the islands and this is the easiest way to get somewhere. The largest ferry company in Croatia is Jadrolinija but there are also a lot of smaller ones. If you like you can also charter a boat or rent yacht, catamaran or speedboat.

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If pay a visit in the summer, make sure you avoid the crowds. It is Dubrovnik’s attraction to go to the famous walls that are the Croatians pride. Listen to the locals and avoid going there in the middle of the summer days when it is always very hot and crowded.

Be Cultural Aware when in Dubrovnik

90% of the Croatians are Carholic so keep in mind that each village has a patron saint whose feast day will be celebrated with ceremonies and the people have day off from work. Croatians are very devoted to the Virgin Mary whom they call Gospa.

via flickr by David Danzig licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Don’t call it Yugoslavia because it has gained independence in the 1991, so the Croatians since then have been free and have big national pride. Also don’t call it Serbia. Although their languages are similar call their language Croatian and their country Croatia. Comparison to the Serbian is a touchy subject and they always get offended.

05-when in dubrovnik via flickr by Jrwooley6 licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want to drop your bikini top feel free to do it because plenty of travelers sunbathe topless on the Croatian beaches. But please be more discreet in the south where the people are more conservative. So if you find yourself in the island of Vrbnik, which is the birthplace of numerous bishops and religious people, make sure you keep your clothes on.

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