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What is Silica Gel Used For

You know those small gel balls that come inside you jacket, bag, or shoes when you buy them? Do not throw them away, since you will be amazed by what they can do.

Silica gel can be used for many things around your household since it absorbs moisture and it protects things from spoiling and humidity.

What is Silica Used For

1. You Can Use it In Your Garden

If you have a garden and you want to save some seeds, you can keep them in silica gel packets. Put the packets inside small envelopes and put all of them in an airtight container. In that way you can keep the seeds safe and you can successfully use them next season.

2. Reduce Moisture from Your Clothes

If your need to pack when you are coming back from a vacation but your clothes are still wet, there is a great chance that they will start smelling due to the moisture.

In order for that not to happen, just put all the wet clothes in a back and add silica gel packets in it. Put as much packets as you like, since the more you put the better, since it will protect your clothes.

3. Keep Your Make-Up Safe

You buy all those expensive make-up products and they end up spoiling because of moisture? Well, silica gel can save your money by saving your make up.

Several silica gel packets in your make-up bag will keep your make-up products fresh and save from spoiling.

4. Preserve Your Old Tapes and DVDs

You have a collection of old cassettes and DVDs that you do not want to lose. Silica gel can also help you with that.

Several silica gel packets can keep your collection safe together with the memories on it, if you just put several silica gel packets where you keep your tapes and CDs.

5. Your Gym Bag Will Not Smell Sweaty

The most disgusting thing about exercising is when you put your sweaty clothes and sneakers inside your gym back. They are moist and they smell terrible and smell up your whole bag.

To absorb all that moisture put some silica gel in your bag. In that way you will not only eliminate the smell, but you will also keep bacteria from growing from the moisture.

6. Prolong the Life of Your Food

If you want to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time use silica gel in your drawers. Although you cannot eat them, you can use them for preventing food from spoiling fast.

You can use it for spice drawers, brown sugar, dried fruit and especially for vegetables that sprout like potatoes and onions.

7. Dry Your Wet Phone

It can happen to anybody that they drop their phone in a sink full of water. But don’t lose hope. You can still salvage it.

Remove the battery and put it in a bowl willed with silica gel. Leave it there for some time so the silica gel can absorb the moisture and take it out. Your phone will work like new.

8. Preserve Things from Oxidation

Razor blades and some tools can be safe from rusting if you use silica gel to protect them. Oxidation is caused by moisture and once it happens, your objects rust. To prevent that use some silica gel to absorb the moisture.

9. Keep Your Photos Safe

You have too many precious albums with photographs in them, but over time they seem to moisten and fade away.

To prevent that from happening put some silica gels between photos, in the pages of a scrapbook or between cards. Since the gel absorbs the moisture the photos will be dry and safe.


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