Top Reason To Visit Hawaii: Beaches, Hula and Coconuts

Summer, ohhh, summer, sun and sea, fun and dance, cocktails and ice creams, beach and waves, sunset and all night parties. We all love the summer, careless and fun, perfect to create new memories, to relax and recharge the batteries, to enjoy under the sun!

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Welcome to Hawaii

The summer is here and you need to start planning your gateway by the shore, if you love the beach and the sun. If you still haven’t book your vacation, then maybe after this article, you may consider Hawaii, the tropical and exotic resort with hulas and coconuts, as your destination.

Hawaii is the place where the Mother Nature wasn’t selfish at all and it gave so much beauty and wonders that will constantly amazed, from dusk till dawn.

Tourists love Hawaii, because of the perfect climate, the dancing, incredible beaches and the coconuts. And the nature, as we said, is amazing, colorful and fresh, sea and waterfalls, palm trees and tasty food, like a mini paradise on Earth.
The first reason for visiting Hawaii is because of the pleasant climate all year long. The average temperature is between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit, never too hot or too cold, well, just perfect.

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Reasons for Visiting Hawaii

It is good for all, there romantic spots for couples, a kids friendly resorts for families and clubs and parties for young people. Not to mention that is perfect for weeding or proposal, the sunset, the ocean, the music and the lovely natural scenery…just heavenly!

Swimming with the dolphins is another reason why you need to consider Hawaii as your summer getaway. This sea mammals are real joy, playing with the kids and swimming around. An experience that no one can forget.

When you are traveling to this island forget about burgers, croissants and steaks, and treat yourself with the mouthwatering local food. The cuisine on Hawaii is a fusion of Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Portuguese flavors. And also you can find and taste a lot of local dishes made with fresh sea food and native plants and ingredients.

Another great reason about visiting this amazing island is that all the beaches are public. So, you can visit all the beaches, long and sandy, with bars and water sports. You can find a lot of different beaches, such as red send, green send and even black send.

And if you are there you must surf or at least try to learn, because Hawaii is the birthplace of this sport. After you learn to surf is time to learn the hula, traditional dance, sensual and fun. You can also fish, dive, scuba dive, snorkel or just have a lazy day at the beach.

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Explore Exotic Hawaii

Because Hawaii is the home of high mountains you can also explore this side of the island and have an adventure in the forest.

For the ones that love to party, Hawaii has a wild night life to offer, with crazy parties, luxurious clubs and all night dancing and drinking.

This exotic island not only that is famous for its natural beauty, it is also phenomenal for shopping. Along with the cheap handmade souvenirs you can treat yourself in the lots of shop with famous brands such as Waikiki – Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and much more.

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We hope these reason are enough for you to book a trip to this exotic and magical island and relax while the sun is up in the sky and you do hula and surf.


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