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Visit Alberobello – the Hobbit Town in Italy

The Town of Hobbit

This cute small town of Alberobello is situated in the province of Bari, in South Italy. Its unique appeal is thanks to the amazing houses that can be spotted in the area. Almost all of the dwellings in this place have the same shape and are constructed of white limestone and stones, which makes the walls pretty thick and able to regulate the temperature. The interior is cool in the summer and warm in the winter period. The roofs have an interesting shape of cones which are actually domes, constructed of  horizontal limestone slabs making a circle. This traditional appeal of the place is conserved for many years, and today this city a World Heritage protected by UNESCO.

 image source lucamoglia

Amazing City of Alberobello

There are roughly 11,000 inhabitants here, that have found their peace in these ancient dwellings called “Trulli”, a name that derives from the Greek word for dome, or cupola in Italian.

Their interesting look reminds a bit of the hobbit dwelling we got the chance to spot in the “Lord of the Rings” series of movies, and as well of the Flinstone’s houses all made of stone.

But despite the houses which indeed are the most significant sight here, you can still experience the traditional dishes served in the local restaurants, or taste some of the best world known wines. A wander around the town looking at the amazing ancient architectural view will take you to some of the shops spotted in the town, that offer you some interesting souvenirs all with the same look of the Trulli (pens in the shape of a Trullo, jewellery boxes and even money boxes with the shape of a Trullo).

 image source athamastos

Chiesa DI Sant Antonio is a 20th century church that is one of the most visited sights in this city along with the several museums that offer an insight of the historical life that left a great influence on the city.

Most interesting places in Alberobello

The most visited part of the town is still Rione Monti. Surprisingly, this part has more of that modern look buildings here. But the fact that bars, restaurants and shops are spotted here mostly is probably the main one that contributes for it to be the most visited ones. Still, there are several Trullies that are picturesquely stand here or there, in contrary to several neighbourhoods and narrow streets, where they are linked one to another making a long stream of Trullies all having the same outside look.

 image source athamastos

Aia Piccola on the other hand is the least visited part. Perhaps it’s because it is the least inhabited part too. There are only few residents that dwell in these houses with a traditional look.

Trullo Sovano is a two storey building, that presents a real contrast to the other one small Trullo houses. It is furnished with some period fittings that witness the ancient look. The Museo del territory is the biggest museum, which is actually ten combined Trullis. It gives an insight of the way people lived in the Trullies before, and about the agriculture and the building equipment. There are several small museums around the city as already mentioned, and the most notable of them are: the Museum of Olive Oil, the Museum of Handcrafts and the Museum of Wine.

Accommodation in the town of Alberobello

The best way to experience the whole city life is to stay in a Trullo while you’re there. There are few hotels that offer you a real Trulli accommodation, but it is not the same feeling like when you’re staying in a Trullo. There are some in the centre of the city and some in the nearby countryside made for tourist accommodation only. It is the best way to experience the whole magic of the city. Exploring the city, learning something more about this amazing architectural sight, and at the end of the day spend the night in one of them. Amazing, isn’t it?

  image source via trullostefano

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  image source via pytepis

 image source via Wikimedia Commons By Verity Cridland. Battlelight at it.wikipedia CC-BY-2.0


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