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13 Things you Probably didn’t Know About the Pope’s Realm

Vatican – Smallest Country in the World

This smallest country in the world hides a lot of secrets in fact. Not only it’s the smallest country and an elective monarchy headed by the Pope- the episcope of Rome, but there are still many other things we don’t know about it.

This country is inhabited by approximately 800 residents. It symbolises the heart of the Catholic Church from 1929 thanks to the Lateran agreement, as an inheritance from the once powerful and huge Pope Country which existed from 756 – 1870.

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Vatican Facts

What is interesting about it is the fact that is actually a country within a country. The Vatican is located in the Western part of the central part of Rome, hundreds of metres far from the river Tiber.

The borders are actually made in order to protect the Pope, and are in reality walls circling the small country. The walls end with the St. Petar square followed by the portico Bernini. This is one sacred place, probably considered as one of the sacred ones on Earth. The special feeling people get here is indescribable.
But probably these are things you all know about. Follow further and discover something new connected with this tiny land.

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13 Things you Probably didn’t Know About the Pope’s Realm

1. Did you know that the official name of Vatican is actually Stato della Citta del Vaticano.

2. Or that there is a telecommunication system, an astronomical observatory, a radio station, post and a bank, and that everything is under the state ownership.
3. You know that there are 3 entries that lead to Vatican. Well, wrong, actually there are six entries from where you can get into this country, but the tourists can use only three of them.
4. This is not that awkward, but as many other countries Vatican has to import electricity, wood, water and gas because it lacks these resources.
5. The residents of Vatican prefer their own postal services rather than the Italian one. Theirs is way faster and safer as well.
6. This country has no forborne either. The military protection comes from Italy. That’s what neighbours are for.
7. There is no diplomatically passport in the Vatican.
8. The Cardinals, the Pope and the Swiss guards own Vatican passports.
9. The whole state is protected by UNESCO, which makes her the only state that is under the protection of this organization.
10. It is estimated that you’ll need 4 years if you look at each picture for a minute at the famous Vatican museum. Examine and take in short glimpses if you desire to get out of there fast. And to all of those art lovers. Don’t even try to examine the artwork carefully. You’ll regret it afterwards that you had no chance of seeing something else.
11. And with a population of only 800, it is no marvel that the literacy of the population is 100 %.
12. And guess who has total power in this nation. The Pope, of course. This is his sacred kingdom.
13. Also, every penny you’ll get from the vending machines will be in Latin.

via flickr by Paul Williams licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Now, let’s make a short survey? Did you know and how much did you know about the things numbered above. What do you think of them?

There are many things hidden and unknown even in a small country. It makes us wonder how many things we’re not aware of the other bigger countries, some like Italy for instance.

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