What Not to Do On a Vacation?

No matter whether you are an experienced traveller or not, you may find yourself in a situation you’d rather forget, if you can’t replace the damage. “Never” is a pretty strong word when it comes to travels, but what we should try is to learn from our mistakes. This is a short list of things you should avoid on your travels:

Bets with strangers on the streets
While on the streets, you are a target of all sorts of scammers: pickpockets, “fortune-tellers”, “black widows” and such. Try to avoid any unnecessary conversations or deals with strangers, which will try to tempt you to buy their products or enter a bet of some sort. It has rarely brought any good to anyone, so try to stay away from them.

Exposing to the sun without protection
It is probably not the first time that you weren’t aware of your lengthy exposure to the sun. You have a hat, you are dressed, but the part of the skin exposed to the sun is not a concern of yours – after all, you wouldn’t get sunburns, would you? You are wrong! Your arms and face will be red as a tomato, your skin will burn and you probably won’t be the only one, so you will fit in well with the bunch of other unwary tourists.

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A one-night stand with a complete stranger

No matter how hard the temptation is, the golden rule is – never go to bed with someone you’ve just met on your vacation. One option is that you spend the rest of your vacation with this person, you make a bunch of photos together and then, ten years later you bump into those photos asking yourself who this person is. The second scenario is that you were satisfied with a one-night stand, but those feelings were not mutual, so you have to spend the rest of your vacation avoiding this person at any cost. Both scenarios show it’s not worth it.

Try to smuggle a few kilos of extra baggage on a cheap flight
Low-cost airlines are bliss, but never attempt to smuggle more baggage than allowed. It may occur that you pay a lot more than you planned.

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