A Vacation Fit for a Royal

The young Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Empress Sissi and Napoleon – they have all stayed at Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, and soon enough you could get your name on the famous list – for a price fit for a royal, of course.

Starting from April 30th, the summer palace of the legendary Habsburg Dynasty and the greatest tourist attraction of the Austrian capital is offering accommodation in a suite with a view of the palace gardens, with a butler, chef and a carriage at the guests’ disposal. This is a one of a kind offer in Europe.

via flickr by Matthew Reeve licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The suit is situated above the rooms of Emperor Franz Josef, and the offices where his wife, Empress Elizabeth nicknamed Sissi, used to write her poems. The suite was restored for a whopping 400.000 euros, and consists of two rooms, two bathrooms, a salon, a dining room and a small kitchen with a refrigerator full of champagne.

The 1.441-room Schonbrunn Palace in a Rococo style was the Austrian response to the French Versailles, with beautiful gardens, which are home to the oldest zoo in Europe. The palace was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna, Schonbrunn is visited by around 8 million visitors yearly.

The cheapest price for spending the night in the palace is 699 euros per person, and the ‘Honeymoon package’ offers newlyweds a night in the castle surrounded by roses, champagne, a romantic bath and a breakfast for a price of 2.700 euros. The ‘Royal package’ consists of a dinner prepared by a private chef and a tour of the castle, flowers and champagne. The royal treatment will cost you 4.900 euros.


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