Uncovering the Best Airports in the World (Part 2)

Schiphol, Amsterdam
The culture here surpasses the level of public art. The airport is a sort of addition to the Rijksmuseum, featuring a rotating exhibition of the famous museum, but there is also a permanent exhibition of mini-masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age, and both are free. If you love literature, make yourself comfortable with a book in front of a make-believe fireplace in the new library at the airport, where you can choose from more than 1,200 titles in 29 languages, or listen to music and download movies, which you can watch on one of the many iPads at your disposal.

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Shopping therapy

Heathrow, London
Heathrow offers to empty your wallet in the fastest way possible. There are many boutiques and duty-free shops, but the largest emphasis is put on British brands. There is the famous Harrods, then Mulberry stores and souvenir shops. Jo Malone and Prada also have stores here, which is truly a rare airport sight.

Designed to meet passengers’ needs
Munich, Germany
This is the German lesson in efficiency. Here you will wait for a luggage check-in for 6 minutes on average, and everything runs impressively well, especially at terminal 2. There are info booths on every terminal, providing passengers with needed information by a touch screen device, including the amount of time necessary to reach the destination on foot and the even how long will passport control take. Real workers appear on the screen and through a conference call they give their best to answer all your questions. You can use the stopover in Munich to take a shower, take a nap in a napcab, or have a beer at the airport brewery.


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