Uncovering the Best Airports in the World (Part 1)

Once, going to the airport was considered a special experience. Since then, mass travel, deregulation and security measures have transformed airports into a real hassle. However, once in a while you might find yourself surprised by cute local shops, excellent works of art or a peaceful place where you can get away from the commotion. Take a look at the crème de la crème of world’s airports, this are some of the best airports in the world:

Space and Architecture of the best airports

Barajas, Madrid, Spain
Spaniards do it best: a terminal which is an architectural masterpiece. This terminal has won the Sterling Prize for architecture when it was opened in 2006. The bamboo ceiling lets the sun rays pass through, giving the whole place an exotic appeal. Passengers can find many kiosks at the terminals, and try the traditional baguette sandwiches.

01-Barajas, Madrid, Spain -2 via flickr by Oscar Ferreira licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

A place for a day’s trip

Changi, Singapore
Waiting at the airport can get quite tedious if you have had enough of reading magazines, playing games on the phone or listening to other people’s conversations. It is not the case at this airport. Resembling a real amusement park, the airport has a pool (costing about $12), a spa center, a beauty salon, a cinema, a multimedia center with PlayStation games, MTV stand and a real garden with butterflies, orchids, cacti, and ferns! You’ve got time to spare? Sign up for a free two-hour sightseeing tours.

 Airport free Wi- Fi

San Francisco, USA
Many airports, among them Boston’s Logan and Sky Harbor in Phoenix, deserve recognition for free Wi-Fi, but the San Francisco airport has reached a new level of service with equipment and connections to all terminals and even in restaurants. There are spacious tables with comfy chairs where you can place your laptop, and children can play in the next section designed for families. Here you can have a great mango sandwich.



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