The Ultimate Travel Destinations for Fearless Travelers

If you are to believe recent reports, adrenaline junkies are bored by standard tourist destinations. They ask for a real adventure, and Mother Earth delivers:

Paris – Organize your own kidnapping
For those who yawn at the mention of museum collections, Paris offers something more than the Louvre. Namely, the French capital offers you to organize your own kidnapping. For a suitable price (900 euros for a “basic package”), there are people ready to bind you, blindfold you and keep you in captivity for 11 hours. Why? Adrenaline junkies do not ask such questions.

via flickr by Bastiaan_65 licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Nepal – Run a marathon on Mount Everest

If you are not financially equipped for traditional climbing to the top of the world, or the idea seems frightening to you, you can try the next best thing – take part in the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. The race is held on the anniversary of the meeting of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing on Everest on 29th of May each year. The starting point is at 5,000 meters above the sea level; make sure you are in a good physical shape so that you can get through this adventure alive. Also, do not hope to win, because the locals are unsurpassable in this discipline.


Maui – Surfing “on steroids”
Surfing the waves of the Californian coast is one thing, but curbing the waves at Jaws Beach on the Hawaiian island of Maui is another. Due to the special relief of the sea bottom the waves can be as high as 36 feet and reach speeds of 27 miles per hour.

via wallpapersam

China – Walk the trails of Mount Huashan

Nothing will make you appreciate your life more than a walk through the trail of planks on Mount Huashan. The adrenaline junkies from all over the world come here to and with the help of a tiny rope try to walk the few inches wide plank nailed to the vertical wall. One misstep could send you to the “eternal hunting grounds”.

Ukraine – The Chernobyl Tour

At the place of the most devastating nuclear disaster in history you can find grim remnants of the old Soviet Union. Although some areas are still impassable, you can visit the ghost towns with abandoned schools, hotels and parks. Of course, the guides have to control the radiation levels at all times, and the tour depends on the readings of the detector in their hands.


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