Travels: Where to Find the Best Dessert? (Part 1)

Local culinary masterpieces often attract curious travellers, especially when it comes to desserts. Most travel destinations have at least one trademark dessert, and some of them have even become historical artifacts. This is the list of six destinations which are, among other things, known for the irresistible desserts.

Lokum in Istanbul
The most famous of all Ottoman bakers was Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir. He came to Istanbul from a small town in the mountains in the 18th century. He opened a patisserie in the old part of the town and is credited as the inventor of this sweet delight. Two centuries later, the residents of Istanbul still visit his bakery, now turned into chain of pastry shops all around the city. Lokum is sold in decorative boxes, so it can be a great souvenir for your family and friends.

Cheesecake in New York
Cheesecake is a European invention dating from as far as the 15th century. However, New Yorkers are the ones that turned this dessert into a legend. The New York cheesecake was popularized by Lindy’s, opened by Leo Lindermann in the suburbs in 1921. The version that is still being served and reached worldwide popularity in the 1940s is made of cream cheese, vanilla, cream and crunchy biscuits.

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Gelato in Florence

Two Florentine Renaissance masters are ‘guilty’ for the creation of the well-known Italian ice cream. The first one is Ruggeri, a chicken farmer, credited as the creator of sorbet at the court of Catherine Medici; the other one is Buontalenti, credited for making a frozen fruit version of zabaglione. If you order an ice cream in Florence, you certainly want it served with panna (cream). Ice cream is taken very seriously by the locals and patisseries compete for the title of the best ice cream maker. You should definitely pay a visit to Gelateria dei Neri, where you can find many unique tastes like gorgonzola, and Gelateria Vivoli, which uses strictly organic ingredients.

Gelato in Florence-03 via korebistroconcept1


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