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Traveling Tips for Dubai, the City of Luxury and Old Rules

Once, it was just a small and poor fishing village, but in the past few years it became one of the most luxurious, expensive and exclusive cities in the world. Dubai, truly is the capital of luxury, and every day in growing bigger, stronger and even more amazing.

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This former small fishing village in the middle of the 19th century became the commercial center and important port between the Middle and Far East. Today this city in the Arab world is known as the “city of merchants” that attracts tourists from all over the world.

With its architectural wonders, royal shopping centers, elite hotels and restaurants and long beaches, night clubs, bars and café, Dubai is place to visit if you want to spoil yourself.

You will be fascinate by Dubai’s cosmopolitan spirit. The smiling faces of the residents in this city will charm you even though they are from of all possible nations. Because of them and their hospitality sometimes you can have the impression that you are not in the Middle East, in the Arab world, known for its conservatism, strike rules and old traditions.

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If you are planning to visit this amazing place, that is transforming from day to day, then you need to be very well prepared. Although is seems liberal, open and friendly, there are some rules that every one, native or a tourist must respect, starting from clothing, eating, love and even holding hands in public.

Did you remember the story, it was all around the news. It was about a British couple that was jailed for a month just for sharing a kiss in a restaurant.

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Well, if you are traveling with your partner you need to know that kissing and hugging, even holding hands are inappropriate in public and you can be jailed for that. Also, sex between people that are not married is considered as a criminal.

Don’t speak loudly, don’t be rude or make rude gestures, and most important, don’t swear when you are on the street. According to the law in UAE, these are criminal acts.

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When you are on your vacation by the seaside you are used to walk around in your swimming suit everywhere around the beach. But, not in Dubai. In this city, wearing bikini or swim suit outside the beach is against its decent laws. It is worth to know that they prefer modest swimming suits. Also, women tourists should avoid transparent and tight clothes, also they shouldn’t show off their knees, legs, shoulders, back or stomach. For the man, they need to wear t-shirts all the time and to avoid shorts.

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Don’t take photos of the people, especially women, without their permission.

Also, you must respect the locals and their rules, religion and holidays.

Hope these will help you have a nice trip to Dubai. After all this is an amazing city that grows every day with even bigger, higher and prettier buildings.

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