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Traveling Solo: Tips for the Best Trip

Traveling, that is the greatest passion in the world, a way to discovers yourself while exploring new places, cultures, traditions and people. On your journey, regardless the destination you will learn a lot, but you will learn lesson that you cannot find any textbook. You will learn to be patient, to be curious, trustworthy and loyal, reserved and wise, but most important you will learn to be a better person. With each new journey and new concord destination you will be richer, with knowledge, experience and friends.

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For someone traveling is a way of living, for someone a luxurious treat and for someone a passion for the whole senses. Some want all inclusive resort where they can just relax and forget about all the worries and maybe see some monuments, others love to travel without too much planning, sleeping in hostels and living as locals do. And that is the best way to known one place, to feel it like a native, to eat local, to walk, to speak and to explore without wear.

But, some people want to travel only with friends and family, and that means planning and making compromises for the dates and places. So, if you want to visit one place and you don’t have company, do it yourself, follow your heart and have awesome time and valuable memories that you will cherish all life. It is better to travel solo than to regret whole life for not visiting a place, city or village that you liked so much.

When it comes to traveling solo the first thing to worry is safety. So, trust everyone and no one, be wise and reserved. It is the best to book a place to sleep online, one that has positive reviews. Solo travelers easy can be victims of criminals and scam artists so watch who you are talking too. Rather take public transport than sharing a cab with unknown, remember the movie „Taken“? You have everything online, so plan your trip, hostel and transport in advance.

Don’t have valuable items and jewelry with you, like that the criminals can spot easily. All you need is a smart phone and a camera, but have them close and safe.

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Avoid looking like a tourist, so no sun hats and cameras around the neck and a map in your hand. Stay not very noticeable and speak with the locals.

After you take care about your safety, you must remember that traveling solo can be true blast and the whole point is to meet new people. Be open, but not too much and stay in public areas, avoid dark parks or not famous part of the cities during the night. Go sightseeing by day and during the evening have a drink in the most popular bar.
If you want to travel, but you are not very comfortable to do it alone, than a singles cruise is a good choice. There you can meet a lot of people and see many places.

Traveling solo means that you make your own schedule, no more compromising and following the tourist guide. You choose what and when to visit, what to eat or where to stay.

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Most of the time, on the road you can find people traveling solo just like you, so you can share your experiences.

To save up money and to feel the place you are visiting use public transport, it is safe and you will always find a friendly local to help you with the directions.

Traveling alone is a challenging, but is also testing your own limits and abilities. It is hard, but that doesn’t mean that is not fun.

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