Where to Travel in July

Provincetown, Massachusetts
Made for Lazy days at the Beach
If you want to feel the taste of salt in the air, you must pack your stuffs and go directly to Provincetown, Massachusetts. You can enjoy the numerous sandy beaches that extend 300 miles. If you are shopaholic Provincetown is right place to be because is abundant with stores that attracted people fairly.

Numerous Clubs mixed with the peaceful sea is calling everyone to have some party that the tourists have been dreaming about. And if the Pacific is whispering your name, than you must visit Hulopo’e Beach on Hawaii’s island, where except od the sea and the sandy beach, you can enjoy in parades and music festivals, as well as the numerous traditional food.

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Bastille day in Paris
After the trip in America, our suggestion is to travel to Europe, where France would be a good destination. During the celebration of The Day of Bastille there are a numerous tourists visiting Paris who would like to celebrate the French Revolution in extraordinary style. This holiday is also known as Le Quatorze Juillet in French language.

Once you’re in Paris and you have a lot of things to visit. Our recommendations are, the Eiffel Tower, royal Palace, the Louvre, the Notre Dame. And it is good to sit in some of the restaurants where you can try cheese which is specific to that region.

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Pamplona, Spain
If you want to feel the adrenaline, the freedom and independence, you have to walk through the streets of Pamplona. If you are there during the period of late July you will be witness of the San Fermin festival where you will experience much more than adrenaline, because that is the day when angry bulls of 1200 lbs will run behind you and you are going to run away and pray for life. If you were lucky to survive, try Sangria with delicious appetizers offered by the Spanish cuisine.

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Philadelphia and Mt. Rushmore
If you want to experience the glorious life, liberty and happiness of a huge flame you should visit the city where these words will recapture it in a special way. Philadelphia is a city that occupies the first place in American history and colonial heritage which this city makes it famous. If you love seafood Philadelphia has got a bunch of restaurants, in which is taught to be the best the restaurant named “fish”. The menu of this restaurant includes numerous different types of fish such as: oysters, king crab, salmon belly and caviar.

Our recommendation is to try fried brandade and some marine cocktails offered by this restaurant. If you do not have any plans to go to Philadelphia, we recommend you to visit Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July, which is the Independence Day of U.S.A. There you are going to be the witness of the overwhelming and the miraculous night show followed by the best fireworks in U.S.A.

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King Salmon, Alaska
If you wish to travel and research of wild flora and fauna, where you can see the vast natural resources then the real journey in July will take you to Alaska, which abounds with more than 4,000,000 acres of lands and rivers. In Katmai National Park every July happens one-of-kind show, where you can see the world’s largest sockeye salmon runs, attract an audience of hungry brown bears. If this does not make you wild enough, please visit the Best National Park Wildlife.

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