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Peaceful Swimming in the Pool can Actually be Really Dangerous

Swimming pools can be a really dangerous place, especially for children. Pool guests and the owners of the pool need to be aware of the various dangers in order to decrease the risks of fatal events occurring. [ We recommend family holiday insurance ]

However, no person can ever imagine that what happened to one mother can also happen to them. Cassandra Jackson’s child felt exhausted and tired after spending a day by the pool, which is a normal reaction after the child has been active throughout the whole day.

It is inevitable that your child will feel sleepy after all that physical activity all day.

It Was Not Just an Ordinary Weariness

Cassandra did not worry about her son Johnny after they got back from the pool, thinking it is normal that her son would feel tired after all that running and swimming.

Her ten-year-old boy just went to the room to lay down and take a nap. However, after some time Cassandra went inside his room to check on him.

She did not expect what happened next! She found her son with foam on his mouth and with almost no air. She called the ambulance and took him to the hospital that exact moment.

The doctors told her that all that happened because of a condition called “secondary drowning”.

What Is “Secondary Drowning”

The condition appears usually after 72 hours after swallowing water. Bathing, swimming in the pool, lake or sea can cause it very easily if you swallow even a small amount of water and that amount goes directly to your lungs.

Recognize the Early Symptoms

The condition does not happen very often, but when it does it can be deadly if you ignore the symptoms. Most commonly the symptoms are excess fatigue, changes in the mood without a reason, getting irritated easily and most important shortness of breath.

If you feel any of these after you have spend your day at the beach or at the pool, make sure you go to the doctor’s office immediately.

What Happens With the Swallowed Water

The water that you inhale accidentally while taking a bath or a swim may possibly cause an irritation to your lungs. As a result, the lungs swell, and it can happen even with the smallest amount of water inhaled through your nose.

That small amount of liquid can cause irreparable damage to your lungs and prevent them from providing oxygen to the bloodstream, which causes the condition of secondary drowning.

If you bloodstream does not get enough oxygen, all your cells in the body are not supplied with oxygen including your lungs. As a result, you start to feel shortness of breath in a very short time.

Therefore, every parent should be aware of their kid swallowing water when they take it to the pool. If it happened, the symptoms of secondary drowning may appear after an hour or after 72 hours.

For that reason it is advisable that you take your child immediately to the hospital if you notice them having any of the symptoms after swimming.


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