Top European Train Tours

Take a look at the best European destinations that can be reached by train:

London – Avignon
This long but beautiful tour will take you to the south of France that was once the seat of the papal state. This is an ideal summer destination, and a train from London departs every Saturday. Along the way you admire the beautiful English scenery, and after – the beautiful French vineyards and rustic villages. The best thing about it is the great wine served in the dining compartment.

Geneva – Milan
The four-hour trip offers spectacular views of Lake Geneva and alpine landscapes studded by snow. The train passes through Lausanne and Bruges where you can get switch for the Glacier Express, which takes you to the famous ski resort of St. Moritz.

Le Train Jaune, the Pyrenees
This yellow train resembling a toy and is almost a century old. The Le Train Jaune tour leads through the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees and ski lovers can take advantage of a trip to some of the popular winter resorts. At one point, the train travels at a height of 1,600 meters above the sea level over suspension bridges and viaducts.

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Berlin – Moscow

This tour passes through the Polish cities of Poznan and Warsaw before passing through Belarus and finally Russia. What makes this trip so special are the winter landscapes, so it is best to try this adventure during the cold winter months.

Zürich Airport – Arosa
This route was proclaimed the most beautiful airport transfer in the world, and runs through the town of Hurr, which is the true representative of the Swiss culture. The tour takes you through postcard landscapes and has very steep sections. The highlight of the trip is the crossing of the 60 meters high Landwasser viaduct, which is a masterpiece of engineering and construction.

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Sofia – Belgrade

You can sleep you way through the Balkans, but in that case you will miss out on some of the most fascinating landscapes of the Old Continent. Departing from Bulgaria’s capital the eight-hour trip offers you an insight into the turbulent European past.

Helsinki – Saint Petersburg
This route once took five and a half hours, but the new Allegro trains have shortened the trip to two since 2010. You can eat in the decent dining cabin in James Bond style, and the service is the best you’ll find on the continent.



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