Top 6 Dream Islands – Choose Directions

Islands around the world are amazing, and we made a research and tried to make a list of 6 islands for you that we think are the best among the best, this are dream islands that everyone would love to visit. We believe that we have made good choice and we hope you will enjoy them if you decide to visit some of them.

Ambergris Caye Islands, Belize

This island has a rich offer to satisfy everyone’s taste, but it is not oriented towards mass tourism. It is ideal for young couples eager to explore new, less popular tourist destinations.

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St. John, US Virgin Islands

St. John has well developed eco-tourism, and if you are up for a peaceful, less-activity-packed holiday, there are numerous national park, walking trails and sandy beaches to keep you occupied.

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This island is well known for its beautiful lagoons and coral reefs, and a popular attraction are the volcano remains as well. The island is famous for the large number of sharks, and there are a couple of agencies that organize feeding trips, for the ones looking for an adrenaline rush.

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San Juan, Dream Islands, USA

It is not an exotic destination, but San Juan has that ‘something special’. Here you will find one of the largest lavender farms in the USA.

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Santorini, Greece

This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean archipelago, which is tough competition. If you want the full Mediterranean experience, Santorini is the place to go.

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Molokai Island: Dream Islands

Hidden from the crowd and noise of the outside world with a Hawaiian tradition. This is a place where a single building is not higher than a coconut tree, with no traffic lights. This is the place where you can feel the energy of the Hawaiian culture. This is truly dream islands piece of heaven on Earth.

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