Top 5 Must-See Museums

If you are curious about learning new things, especially getting to know different cultures, their traditions and the history of different places, then museums are your sanctuary. Keepers of tradition and the identity, temples of culture – museums are the places where you can witness history, but also to get a clearer view of the future. This is the list of some of the less known, but museums definitely worth visiting. Enjoy:

Ars Electronica, Linz (Austria) – The primary aim of the people behind Ars Electronica is the demystification and popularization of science. The museum spreads on more than 1000 sq m and features a plethora of interactive installations, 3D visualization, robots, virtual games and other creative works that give you a new look on art and science.

 via Wikimedia Commons, By Walter Isack(Isiwal) (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0

Neanderthal Museum, Krapina (Croatia) – This museum in one of a kind in this part of Europe, presenting its collection in an original way with different interactive components, telling the visitors the fascinating story of evolution.

House of Music, Vienna (Austria) – Modern, interactive and fun, this museum gives a completely new perspective on the world of music. Unique in the world, the Museum of Music enables visitors to experiment with different sounds, tones and instruments. You can even put your musical talent to a test with the help of a virtual conductor, then compose a waltz, learn more about Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven and much more.

 via Wikimedia Commons, By Gryffindor stitched by Marku1988 (This panoramic image was created with Autostitch. Stitched images may differ from reality) CC-BY-SA-3.0

Terror Haza, Budapest (Hungary) – Terror Haza was opened in 2002, in one of Budapest’s most beautiful avenues. The museum is dedicated to all the people that experienced torture, suffered and/or were murdered during the Nazi and the Communist regimes in Hungary. The museum is set in a beautiful Neo-Renaissance palace which at one point was the seat of the secret police and place of tortures and executions; it has now been turned to modern museum as a sort of a memorial of those days. A Soviet tank, photographs of the victims, Nazi administration uniforms, prison cells and torture devices are some of the many details reminding of the horrific past.

The Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana (Slovenia)One of the most visited sight in Ljubljana is the famous Ethnographic Museum. The collection itself would probably not be as interesting without the modern, almost futuristic level of presentation. The Museum’s permanent collection represents the historical perspective of the way of life in Slovenia. The modern design of the space, the ‘games’ of light and sound, and the visual elements and interactive installations make the visit uniquely pleasant experience.

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