The TOP 5 Locations for Breakup

Breaking up is NOT an Easy Thing

A breakup in a foreign land does not have to be as horrible as you imagine. If nothing else, you are spared from the emotional meltdown in front of your loved ones. Bellow you can read about the best locations for breakup. Breaking up is not an easy thing so this locations for breakup maybe can reduce the pain in situation like this.

Locations for Breakup and Comforting

1. The Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb – It is comforting to know that you are not the only ones that had a bad relationship that ended. This place exhibits various objects of relationships gone wrong, donated by broken-hearted partners. You can find everything here – from an axe used to destroyed ex-girlfriend’s furniture to a wedding gown from a failed marriage.

2. Sleep Together Shop, Tokyo – There is nothing worse than sleeping alone in your bed, but Tokyo has a solution for you – you can pay to sleep beside a total stranger. The limit is sleeping only, any other activity is strictly forbidden.

3. Hotel Divorce, Amsterdam – According to the reviews, this is the best place to get divorced, you can do it quickly and easily without complications and paperwork.

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4. Any nightclub, Ibiza – You can heal you broken heart with a few hangovers on the busiest party destination.

5. Wellness or meditation, Thailand – Meditation can have a very positive effect on your psyche, and the variety of wellness programs will regenerate your body and soul.


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