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Top 10 Tours to Explore Beautiful Milan and Lombardy

Most Amazing Tours to Explore Beautiful Milan and Lombardy

 image source via Flickr, by Giorgio Galeotti, license CC BY-SA 2.0


If you ever decide to visit Italy there are several cities you have to visit. One of them is Milan, the second largest and most fascinating in the county. To fully acquaint yourself with the history and beauties of Milan, as well as the entire Lombardy region, we offer you a list of best tours to explore beautiful Milan and Lombardy to go on. Depending on how long you are staying, you could pick one that includes a daytrip to one of the cities around Milan.

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The Half-Day Tour, Discover the Beauty of Milan

The Half-Day Tour is one of the most popular ones as in encompasses a visit to Milan Cathedral, La Scala Theater and Santa Maria Delle Grazie where “The Last Supper” is displayed. There are morning and afternoon tours in several different languages apart from Italian, that is English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. They all cost €66 ($81).

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Rooftop Tour of Milan

To see Piazza del Duomo at night, the Rooftop Tour of the cathedral that takes place in the evening will give you a chance to skip the constant lines and enjoy a breathtaking view of its surroundings. The tour lasts for an hour and is suitable for people with walking disabilities who can take the lift to the top. The price is €35 ($42.50) including commentary by a tour guide.

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The three-hour Milan Segway, Tours to Explore Beautiful Milan and Lombardy

The three-hour Milan Segway Tour offers you a unique opportunity to see La Sforza Castle and Piazza Duomo in all its beauty. Each visitor will receive a short orientation session on usinf a segway. The price is €76 ($94).

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The Brera Food Tour in Milan

For the foodies, the Brera Food Tour represents the prefect 3-hour gastronomic experience with 6 stops that entail food tasting. This walking tour costs €66 and at least two people are required to make a booking. Each couple gets a bottle of Italian beer and a professional guide.

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 image source via musement

 image source via milandesignagenda

Evening Walking Tour of Brera District in Milan

If you are more interested in Milan’s nightlife, you should consider the Evening Walking Tour of Brera district. On this tour you’ll visit the 10 Corso Como and Porta Garibaldi considered to be two of the most fashionable areas in the city as well as shops, cafes and nightclubs. The tour guide will give you first-hand helpful tips regarding your stay in Milan and all that for only €28 ($34).

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 image source via cobaltviolet

The San Siro Tour

Whether you are a fan of Inter or Milan, the San Siro Tour is your thing. For a price of  €30 ($37.50) you get to visit both the stadium and the store as well as the stadium museum, accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

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Discover Milan on a double-decker bus taking you all around the city and past the major sights on the Hop-on Hop-Off Tour. You can get on or off at any of the 16 stops. The ticket is €26 ($32) and you can use it for 48 hours.

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 image source via Flickr, by Trey Ratcliff, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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The Super Saver Tours

The Super Saver Tours to explore beautiful Milan combines a visit to all the places from the half-day tour plus a visit and a cruise on Lake Como. A ride on a passenger car to Brunate, from where you’ll have an unforgettable view of the lake, is part of the experience, too. The 2-day tour costs €115 ($140).

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Cinque Terre villages Tour

For €120 ($150) you could see the vivid Cinque Terre villages, protected by UNESCO. Enjoy a boat trip offering you panoramic views of this scenic place, all the while listening to commentary by your guide. This are amazing tours to explore beautiful Milan and this tour also includes a train trip to one of the five villages, and you’ll have free time to explore all the beauties on foot.

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  image source via travel.nationalgeographic, Photograph by Paul Hogie, My Shot

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Bernina Express Tour to the Swiss Alps

Bernina Express Tour to the Swiss Alps, this is one of the tours to explore beautiful Milan and it’s area, and is something you will never forget. The railway route the train follows is a UNESCO World Heritage, because the landscapes opening up before your eyes are some of the most impressive one you’ll ever see. Part of the tour are the visits to St Moritz and Tirano where you’ll have some time to explore the area and learn about the region from the commentary of the guide.

  image source via Wikimedia Commons, By Kabelleger / David Gubler, License CC BY-SA 3.0

 image source via Wikimedia Commons, By Iter1, Public Domain.

There are quite a few other tours such as a private shopping tour, a tour to La Scala theatre and museum, daytrips to Venice and Lugano, art tours to explore beautiful Milan and much more.


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