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Top 10 Tours Around Dubrovnik

Tour of the Dalmatian Coast

You deserve to see the best of Croatia Dalmatia. Be part of the unforgettable 7 day island tour from Dubrovnik to Split. In the north you will visit the islands of Korcula and Hvar and see the beautiful little towns then the city walls and at last but not least the pebble beach’s and crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. If you want to discover the history of Coratia this is the best tour for you because it includes walking tours over Dubrovnik, Hvar and the UNESCO protected town Split. You will be provided with hotel accommodation and airport transfer.

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Mostar Day from Dubrovnik

You must visit the city sight of Mostar, which is a city located on the river Neretva in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this tour you will see Dubrovnik’s Old Bazaar, Turkish house and other historical mosques. After viewing the town you will have time to go to the shops or enjoy traditional Turkish lunch at some local restaurant. Don’t panic if you don’ know how to go to these places because in all times you will have English-speaking guide.

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Montenegro Day Trip

Prepare to be amazed of the beauty of Montenegro on a trip from Dubrovnik to the country’s main sites and towns. This tour will take you to Zupa Dubrovacka and the valleys of Konavle, while enjoying in the scenic view that they will provide for you. Also you will visit the Bay of Kotor and with guide you will visit the charming town Perast. You can also enjoy in a boat treat to Our Lady of the Rocks Island and then walk to the town of Kotor. See the admiring view of Sveti Stefan on the way to Budva before you go on a ferry ride back to Dubrovnik. Because this is a tour for small group of people you will get special attention from your guide.

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Ancient Montenegro Trip

If you want to get to know the ancient Montenegro then this is the perfect tour for you. On the way to the Risan town you will enjoy in the natural beauties of the Konavle Valley. When you get to Risan you will enjoy guided tour to the Roman mosaics and the gorgeous Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, which is located on a small island near the bay. In the beautiful small town of Kotor the guide will take you on a small tour and after that you will have free time to explore the town on your own, get coffee of dine in some restaurant.

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Historical Tours Around Dubrovnik

If you will be part of this tour you will discover the best of Dubrovnik. This is a combined tour of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and the ancient defensive city walls. The Old Town is UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will see the City bell tower, Rector’s Palace, Orlando’s Column and the Church of St Baise. Then you will explore the city walls and the forts Revelin and Minceta. As you explore these landmarks you will hear the interesting historical story of this city’s defensive, political challenges from knowledgeable English-speaking guide. Also if you have the desire you can visit the Fort Loverijenac on your own.

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Combo Tours Around Dubrovnik

Hop on to see the breathtaking views of the Dalmatian coast from Mount Srd, and then exploring by foot the Old Town of Dubrovnik with learned guide who will tell you all the interesting facts about Dubrovnik. Then you will ride up and down the mountain in a cable car, which is wonderful Dubrovnik’s experience. The tour lasts 3 hours.

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Sarajevo Trip

You must visit the vibrant Sarajevo, which is the cultural capital of the Western Balkan. With this tour you will leave Croatia and go to the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will pass through Pocitelj, Mostar and Jablanica. In Sarajevo you will enjoy in 2 hour tour, visiting the interesting sites in all Europe. You will visit the Bascarsija Bazaar, Sarajevo Roses, Latin Bridge and more interesting historical places. After this tour you will have time to explore Sarajevo on your own and do and go whenever you want. You can take a walk around the city and then you can sit and relax in the nice coffees. The prices are high but it is worth it to spend money on such beauties.

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Private Transfer

The tours around Dubrovnik and the surrounding places can be also private. You can book your own private transfer that will take you from Dubrovnik to the Orebic or Korcula. These transfers are available 24 hours a day so you can go every time you want. This is perfect if you come for the first time in Dubrovnik so you won’t be stressed upon your arrival because there is someone who will take care of you.

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Sunset Cruise on the Adriatic Sea

There are no more idyllic things than watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea while you are drinking glass of wine and enjoying on the memorable boat tour from Cavatat which is near Dubrovnik. You will enjoy in a walk on the Old Town with a guide and then go on another short cruise toward the island of Bobara. Before the sunset comes the boat stops and turns off the engine on order the visitors fully to enjoy in the breathtaking view. Pour yourself a drink, stand don’t think of anything and just enjoy watching the shades of pink and red. The numbers on this boat tour are limited so be sure you go and book yourself a place.

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via flickr by Bokeh & Travel licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

“Game of Thrones” Walking Tour

This is for the lovers of the series Game of Thrones. You will visit the locations where this series have been filmed. It is 3 hour tour with expert guide with you. You will get to know the city of King’s Landing while you are exploring the historical Old Town of Dubrovnik. Visitors can explore, climb the city walls pretending that they are on a bloody battles as the ones in the series. You also will visit the Fortress of Lovernjac where the King Joffrey had made evil exploits. If you want you can also extend your tour with going on the historical gardens, the palace gardens which are important part of the series.

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