Top 10 Sin Capitals of the World (Part 1)

10. Berlin, Germany
In the past few years Berlin has gained a reputation for nurturing various fetishes. For the ones that are into such amusement there are countless ‘dungeons’, ‘rehab centers’, swinger clubs and such. What comes as an interesting fact is that Berlin established the world’s first Institute for Sexual Science, which featured a vast collection of pornography. Prostitution is legal, the nightlife is vibrant – welcome to the lascivious Berlin!

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9. Macau, China

Macau is the Chinese Las Vegas. The city that legalized gambling has surpassed Las Vegas at twice the revenue from gambling, and is home to the largest casino in the world – the Venetian Macau. Just like its American counterpart, prostitution is legal in Macau, but pimping is not.

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8. Manama, Bahrain

Who would have known that the Middle East could be lascivious? Manama is a very popular destination for Saudis who want to relax from the strict laws. There is an abundance of nightclubs here, and prostitution is very popular as well, despite being illegal. Although Manama is an Islamic city, a third of its residents are foreigners, so it has a more liberal culture.


7. New Orleans, Louisiana

This city’s sinful past reaches back to the 19th century when it was a center of music, prostitution, French cuisine and hedonism. Today the city is a mix of French architecture, sex shops and bars. Prostitution is illegal, but it has a long history in this city.

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6. Moscow, Russia

What happens when after decades of restrictive governance, the country’s borders are opened and all the accumulated energy is released? The response is – Moscow’s nightlife. You can get into all sorts of clubs here – from hardcore techno, to rock and trance parties. Prostitution is illegal, but it is not any less popular.

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