Top 10 Travel Destinations Fairly Overrated (Part 1)

Most Overrated Travel Destinations

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about travelling to distant travel destinations? Maybe it will come as a consolation the fact that some of them are truly overrated and that it is better to turn to less known sceneries. We present you with the 10 most overrated travel destinations in the world:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

To be able to climb to the top of the tower you have to pay more than 17 euros. Its only advantage compared to the rest of Italy’s architecture is that it is leaning, nothing more. But, the advantage turns to disadvantage since the tower has started to correct in past decades.

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The observatory at the top of Empire State Building

One of the most popular travel destinations, and one of the “must visit” when in New York, but is that really the case? Because according to many travel critics it is pointless, you cannot see anything from there, not even Central Park.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This is exquisitely cold place because of the strong winds, and fogs are not a rarity. Apart from all that, the passing cars are too loud, and the markings of suicides do not contribute to the bridge’s charm.

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There are four buildings you’ve known before you’ve visited Athens. They are all situated on the magical Acropolis. Apart that, all around you see is a bustling city with quite heavy air pollution.

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Milan is a synonym for haute couture and many assume there is much to see there. But if you cannot afford Prada or San Siro, then your visit to this mainly industrial city will not be satisfying.

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