The Top 10 List of World’s Worst Airports (Part 2)

Perth Airport (Australia) – Aussies are not proud of their airports. Although Sidney, Melbourne, Darwin and Hobart airports have their flaws, travelers from Western Australia have a particular aversion towards Perth. With only a few terminals, endless queues, and scarce waiting rooms, this airport gets absolutely stuffed when 3 planes land in a 20 minutes interval.

John F. Kennedy International (USA) – There are not many airports where you can witness passengers sick of the waiting and the unfriendly staff demonstratively leaving to travel from someplace else. At John F. Kennedy this has become a regular sight. However, every year 21 million passengers pass through the old terminal, which proves that there still are many that do not mind the inhumane conditions at JFK. If you happen to travel from JFK by a chance and your luggage gets lost, be aware that you won’t see it again for at least a year.

via wikimedia by pheezy (Flickr) licensed CC-BY-2.0

Ninoy Aquino International (Philippines) – The staff is incredibly unwelcoming and the toilets and waiting rooms are filthy. At one occasion the ceiling dropped which paralyzed the traffic completely, but it did not stop the officials to comply with the lengthy procedures and make every hour spent at the airport worse.

London Heathrow (England) – Depending on which of the five terminals is completely stuffed, your mood at Heathrow will range from ‘mildly annoyed’ to ‘ultimate fury’. The parking lots are chaotic, arrivals regularly late; your stay at the terminal could easily last longer than your flight. Perhaps with the addition of one more terminal some of the passenger could be saved from a nervous breakdown.

via wikimedia Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz (Mariordo) licensed CC-BY-3.0

Paris – Charles de Gaulle (France) – “A powerful country does not have enemies,” said Charles de Gaulle on one occasion. Perhaps he would back up his words if he saw the airport that was named after him. Filthy toilets, broken scanners, lack of signalization and information about the flights drive the passengers crazy. Wherever you go and whatever you wait for, you always turn up to be in the wrong line. What is even worse, the staff could not care less. If you intend to stay in Paris a little longer, you have a slight chance of surviving.


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