The Top 10 List of World’s Worst Airports (Part 1)

Far from being the most hated or even the worst in the world, some of these airports have received international awards for the quality of service they provide, but somehow they are not much favored by travelers. When you read our list you’ll see why: filthy toilets, long queues, unfriendly staff… So it is no wonder that travelers tend to avoid them at any cost.

Sao PauloGuarulhos International (Brazil) – Many wondered how the awarded third best airport in South America for 2011 even fit the criteria. Namely, you can get stuck in the queues for at least two hours, the gates are completely unnecessarily changed at the last moment, and the meals and snacks are way overpriced. In a country where takeoff delays are regular occurrence, only 41% of the takeoffs are on schedule.

Tribhuvan International (Nepal) – It is amazing how many people can fit in such a small airport. The toilets are filthy and you constantly bump into people looking for their gate, and the outdated check-in system and unfriendly staff certainly does not help the situation. The questions you are going to be asked will amaze you, and when you are done with the cross-examination, you are certainly not going to fulfill at least one condition for boarding on your plane. Taking off can last for hours, so it is useful to reminisce on the beautiful things about Nepal in order to relax your nerves.

Los Angeles International Airport (USA) – The concept of this airport dating from 1960 is probably more suitable for a correctional institution. Still, around 1.700 planes arrive at this airport, which makes it the 7th busiest in the world. The chaos is best described as ‘eight terminals connected with traffic jam’, because the efforts to get on your plane look like a military training.


 via Wikimedia Commons, By monkeytime | brachiator, CC-BY-SA-2.0


Jomo Kenyatta International (Kenya) – Although no one has particularly high expectations from airports in Africa, still the indescribable crowds will get the worst out of you. According to a project dating from 1958 the airport can receive 2.5 million passengers, but the terminals are usually twice as crowded. Don’t be surprised of the power cuts. As a consolation, the Lagos airport is even worse.

Toncontin International (Honduras) – All the flaws of this airport can be neglected when you take your seat in a Boeing 757 and pray that the plane takes off before the end of the runway. Although the runway was extended for about 1000 feet in 2008, this airport still holds the 2nd place of the world’s most dangerous airports according to History Channel’s list.


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