Top 10 Difficult to Get In Countries

To get in some countries, whether for the purposes of tourism, business or studying, you need a visa. However, some countries that do not even ask for visa are incredibly difficult to get in.

1. Iran – To get into Iran you can get a visa in two ways. The first possible route is travelling to the island of Kish, which is situated right next to the coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf. You can enter the island with no visa and with any passport. The other way is to apply for a visa for travelling to the continental part of Iran. Most visitors can get a week-long tourist visa at the Tehran Airport.

2. IraqFor travellers to Iraq the safest route is to travel to the city of Erbil, but be aware that citizens of the EU and some other countries would most likely be denied a visa.

3. SomaliaAlthough travels to Somalia are not advised, if you are adventure seeker, you should probably travel to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia first, and visit the offices of the province of Somaliland (in the northwest part of Somalia), where you can relatively easily get an entry visa to the country.

4. North KoreaAn entry into North Korea is possible only through booking a trip through the government-approved travel agencies. The process is long and difficult, but not impossible. When you have all the required documentation, you can be granted an entry without much complication.

5. Nauru is the smallest independent republic in the world. Nauru is a small island in the South Pacific Ocean. The process to get a visa is very long and complicated. In order to be granted an entry, you have to book a flight, a hotel, contact the Consulate in Brisbane (Australia), fill out the countless forms that have to be submitted to the Consulate personally, and show the granted visa once you get there.

 via Wikimedia Commons, By DIAC images (IMA transfer to Nauru  Uploaded by russavia), license CC-BY-2.0

6. Sao Tome and Principe is a beautiful island along the western coast of Central Africa. There are two ways to get in the country – by contacting the embassy or the consulate or by booking a trip through the local travel agencies.

7. BhutanTo get an entry visa you have to hire an official operator that will explain you the whole process. Once you do everything that you are told, getting an entry visa is not a problem.

 via Flickr, by Michael Foley, license: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

8. Central African Republic – Getting an entry visa is not very difficult if you find an embassy or consulate. The problem is that there is almost no information about the embassies and consulates on the Internet.

9. Guinea BissauTo get a visa you have to travel to Lisbon (Portugal) or Ziguinchor (Senegal), the only two places where Guinea Bissau has consulates in.

10. LibyaThe hardest country to get in is Libya. Libya has a ban of entry for residents of many countries. To get in you need a travel booking through the licensed travel agencies. After contacting the agencies, you need to send copies of your passport, return ticket, personal information and other document. The visa is received upon entry.

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