Top 10 Destinations for Men (Part 2)

5. Miami
Miamithe Mecca for single travelers, this city is mostly known for its sunny days and wild parties. Who wouldn’t want to spend his days in South Beach, enjoying the sun and watching the gorgeous women? If Miami was a woman, it would have been a fame fatale that would have taken advantage of you before discarding you. And you would have loved it!

Miami-01 Destinations for men via flickr by Sergio Monsalve licensed CC BY-ND 2.0

4. Stockholm

Stockholm is the most populated area in the whole of Scandinavia, and as most of the cities on this list, it is considered a cultural and historical core of the country. With beautiful buildings, the city is full of greenery, which separates it from the other cities on this list. This is one more city with excellent museums and art galleries, and a great education system. No wonder Swedish women think of it as a great place to live.

via flickr by Jordi Escuer licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

3. Moscow

Moscow is the largest city in Russia, and according to the Forbes list, this city is also abundant of billionaires. Russia’s recent wealth is visible around the city; historical locations, such as the Kremlin share the space with modern skyscrapers. Moscow is also worldly known cultural heritage site, home to institutions like the Bolshoi Ballet. This combination of wealth and culture is very attractive to the rich – and the wannabe rich as well.

Moscow-3.1 via flickr by mariusz kluzniak licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

2. Hong Kong

With its great economic significance, Hong Kong is an extremely wealthy city, full of skyscrapers and neon lights. The mix of eastern and western influences helped Hong Kong create a unique identity. With all that energy coming from every corner it is clear that people here know how to have great fun. This is a city abundant with everything a young man or a woman could wish for.

Hong Kong-4 via flickr by Chris Zielecki licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

1. Bangkok

Bangkok is another Asian city that has been under a great western influence. Apart from that, this city is also known for its horrific traffic jams that make New York look like a walk in the park. But his role as the educational center of Thailand is much more important. Bangkok attracts many young and smart people, a many of them decide to continue to live there after finishing their education. The lively spirit of Bangkok has put it on the first place of the top destinations for men.

Bangkok-5.1 Destinations for men via flickr by Mike Behnken licensed CC BY 2.0





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