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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the best known tourist destinations for the rich people and celebrities. The thing that attracts the rich people in Dubrovnik for sure is the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the architecture and off course the great food and the amazing cuisine in Dubrovnik. But here also you can find some amazing restaurants. For your convenience we made a list of top ten best restaurants in Dubrovnik, make your life easier and make your choice.


Restaurant Ruza, Dubrovnik

This restaurant is for those who are adventurous and outgoing people. Get on the boat, escape the city and Ruza will be waiting for you on a island which is located west of Dubrovnik.  The restaurant is very romantic, ideal for couples and newlyweds. It was created as a proof for love, from one merchant to his wife. This restaurant offers the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine, whose main chef is Ruder Jelavic. This restaurant is only open in the warmer days from May till October. The best place for dining in this restaurant is the terrace which offers splendid views, if you have a chance to sit on it you will understand why it is listed as one of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik.

image source via exclusivecharterdubrovnik

 image source via exclusivecharterdubrovnik


Restaurant Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik

 It is located on the charming streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. This is the only restaurant which offers a high degree of privacy while taking a meal. Dalmatian elegance is prevailing the restaurant and the restaurant menu is a blend of old and new Mediterranean cuisine. It is regarded as one of the top class restaurant in Croatia. This restaurant offers the customers to dine and at the same time enjoy the medieval surroundings. The rooftop terrace offers a view over the tiny beautiful streets of the Old Town.

 image source via vidiworld


Restaurant Gusta Me, Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

 image source via vidiworld

If you are a wine-lover then this is the perfect place for you. This place offers the most delicious meals spiced with fresh ingredients while enjoying drinking the handmade Croatian wines. There is a splendid view from this restaurant over the Revelin Fortress and the old harbor. The menu includes fish, wok dishes, sumptuous steaks and other dishes for every man’s appetites. There are also vegetarian dishes. This restaurant offers a wide selection of healthy breakfast, lunch and also romantic dinners.

 image source via guidoo-guide

Restaurant Nishta, Dubrovnik

It is a dream for every vegetarian but the non-vegetarians also like this place. Nishta offers delicious reasonably priced vegetarian dishes. It is located in the centre of the Old Town and it stands out although the city has many famous restaurants offering delicious food. Nishta specializes in conjuring mouthwatering flavors in order to bring out the essence of every meal no matter if you seek soups, salads or even burgers. The restaurant has South-East Asian theme decorated with toy animals.

 image source via triciaannemitchell

Restaurant Nautika, Dubrovnik

This is one of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik, it is highly respected restaurant with elite cuisine that matches its reputation. The dishes of the head chef are prepared very carefully with utmost attention in order exactly to use the basic ingredients. The service as well as the dishes has high standards. Guests can eat their meal, ice cream or drink their wine on the terraces located on the edge of Adriatic Sea.

05-Nautika_Dubrovnik, best restaurants in Dubrovnik  image source via insidebars

Restaurant Levanat, Dubrovnik

It was opened since 2002 and every year has attracted more and more clients. Due to its location on the Lapad peninsula, dinning at Levant often is sunny. Guests enjoy in their dinner while at the same time the sun warms them and the light breezy blows at them. On the menu is the Dalmatian cuisine but also local meals and customs which are perfectly combined. Aside from the delicious seafood the restaurant also has delicious cheese and honey combinations, delicious desert and exotic meat dishes. This restaurant offers magnificent views over the islets Grebeni, Sv Andrija and of course the Bay of Lapad.

   image source via europeupclose

Restaurant Lokanda-Peskarija, Dubrovnik, Croatia

 It has wonderful location, under the big city walls, near the sea. Here guests can enjoy not only in the view but also in the budget-priced lovely cuisine. Although the food is low priced, don’t make assumptions that it is not good. The seafood is with high quality and it is always fresh. It is very popular among the tourists, so you better hurry and get a good seat like on the magnificent outdoor terrace

 image source via mea-culpa

Restaurant Proto, Dubrovnik (Old Town), Croatia

This is historic and expensive restaurant that offers the finest seafood in Dubrovnik. Their seafood dishes are served according to old recipes, which were found by old fishermen. The secret ingredients have remained only in this restaurant even today. Their specialty is high quality fish with good service. Those who don’t want fish or even meat Proto also  offers delicious vegetarian aubergine baked in melted cheese. This is a place for VIP guests like the famous tennis player Novak Dokovic, the British Monarchs and their wives.

image source via luxurytravelbeat

Restaurant Orsan, Dubrovnik

This wonderful restaurant offers the guests to dine delicious food while enjoying in the luxurious sea setting. It is located on the Lapad peninsula near the Orsan Marina and a yacht club. It offers a terrace with a view of boats and the Gruz Port. The meals are very large and tasty, broken into three parts. If you want to enjoy the dishes of this restaurant you need to book in advance because it is very popular place. If you come here without booking a table, you surely will be sent home. Orscan also pays attention on the drinks; it has a selection of local and international wines. But that’s not all; beside wine you can find other beverages according to your taste.

   image source via vidiworld

Restaurant Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota, Dubrovnik

This oyster-sushi bar was opened due to the increasing demand for sushi. It is located in the heart of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, next to the cathedral. It offers delicious, tasty and fresh oysters and sushi with good prices. The interior is in West-East style, character of European architecture and Japanese designs. This is a perfect place to come, relax after the walk across the Old Town take a snack, light lunch or meal. We think it deserves to be part of our list of best restaurants in Dubrovnik.

 image source via bota-sare

image source via bota-sare

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