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Tips for Traveling with your Dog

It is said and it is proven, dogs are men best friend. They are loyal, they want to play and cuddle, they can feel your sad and want to cheer you up and they the best guardians.

This fur balls are more than a pet, they are part of the family. A person take care for them as if for a child, proper food, nice and cozy bed, their own house, bathing and regular visits to the vet, lots of love and discipline. And they pay you back with their love and care as well. Some dogs even get birthday presents, Halloween costumes and their own cute clothes and toys.

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If you treat your dog or a puppy as a part of your family, then you need to take it with on your family vacations. Just imagine how sad it will be if you leave them with some strangers, shelter and dog hotels. Having you best fur buddy with you on your holiday will make the trip more fun.

To be honest it can be quite a challenge, but, it is all worth.
Before booking your hotel or rent a house for your vacation, you must check of they are pet friendly. After you get a place where you can take your dog with you, then you journey can start.

When it comes to transport, you need to do a good research about the breed. Some dogs can’t travel in a cargo. Also if your pet is older it is better no to travel with plane. If you decide to fly than arrive earlier on the airport so you can out the dog in a crate. If you can before the flight play or walk with the dog so it is tired and sleep during the flight. Like that it would be less stressful. After the flight, spent some time with your dog, to calm it down, walk together and relax.

Traveling with car is the best option for dog, they just love to put the head out of the window and just enjoy the view and the breeze. But be aware that dog can get car sick, so often take a break.
Before traveling, plane or car, you must take the dog to the vet, so you know that everything is good with its health before the trip. If you choose more distant and exotic destination, as for humans, dogs needs to be vaccinated.

By Melissa Doroquez, CC-BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes for packing, well, every family member get its own luggage right? So, the dog get its own. Pack his favorite toys, bath supplies, sun protection and medication. Bring the food that your dog loves, because you don’t know if you can find it other stores.

On your trip your dog must have a tag with the name, your name and contact numbers. It you choose a big city as your destination your dog might get curious and get lost. You may consider a permanent form of identification such as a microchip that is placed on its leg or under the skin.

So, plan it nicely and have an awesome vacation with your whole family including the furry and barking member.

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