The Most Haunted Hotels in America

There are many of us who are big fans of the all things arcane. If you are in the mood to go ghost hunting with your horror-loving friends, then check out this list of most famous haunted hotels in the USA. We are sure that there are many, many more; we just chose the ones where things that go bump in the night are reported by a great number of the hotel guests:

1.Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood: fame and fortune somehow have the knack for attracting misfortune. Great life stories are almost always accompanied by lots of sorrow, so it’s no wonder that this luxurious abode has reported haunting. Among the unrestful spirits that roam the lush rooms and great halls is the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, if the sightseers can be taken for granted? The famous diva lived here for couple of months in the beginning of her career and it is believed that she joined by many mysterious apparitions, such as cold spots, plasma orbs and eerie phone calls;

01-Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood via flickr by Ryan Desiderio licensed CC BY 2.0

2.Stanley Hotel, Colorado: the master of horror, Stephen King, got his inspiration by this hotel for his book “The Shining.” After Stanley Kubrick’s movie based on the book, the hotel got famous with the thrill seekers. Today, they offer their hotel visitors a five-hour ghost tour and an overnight tour;

3.Logan Inn, Pennsylvania: this Colonial-era hotel is located in the town of New Hope. If you want to visit this hotel and get acquainted with its ghostly hosts, as for room number 6, which goes also under the name of Emily’s room. Emily was the mom of one of the hotel’s owners and visitors say that they can hear her soft sobbing at night and smell her lavender perfume;

4.The Equinox, Vermont: this hotel is connected with the tragic story of one of USA most prominent presidents. This hotel was the favorite of the Lincoln family. Today, it is said that the hotel is haunted by the wife and long-time love of President Abe Lincoln: Mary Todd Lincoln. She was staying at the hotel when her husband was assassinated;

5.Hotel Provincial, New Orleans: centered right in the voodoo see of USA, this hotel used to be a hospital for the Confederate army. Guests have reported seeing Civil War surgeons, medical staff and soldiers. The bedding of the hotel beds can appear to have large blood spots, which come and go on their own;

6.Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana: this antebellum plantation is now a Bed-and-Breakfast inn. Its long, long history steeped in lots of suffering made it the perfect haunting ground. It is believed that the plantation is built on primordial Indian burial ground. A parade of owners reported strange happenings around the house and the property. The most famous ghost haunting the plantation is the one of a young slave woman named Cleo.

The girl was forced to be a mistress to her owner and his spiteful wife ordered the girl’s ears to be cut off. To hide the scars, she always wore a green turban. As retribution she baked a cake with poison in it, but only the wife and the two daughters died, leaving the owner alive. Legends vary on that how she died, some say she was hanged, some say she drowned in the nearby river while trying to escape. Nonetheless, a sobbing beautiful woman in green headdress is seen to roam the halls at night, looking for her last revenge.

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