The Most Dangerous Travel Tours in the World

If, by any chance, you survive any of these tours, you’ll surely have something to brag about in front of your friends. There are places on Earth that are extremely popular just because of the risk that accompanies the visit. Would you dare visit any of them? Take a look and decide!

A ride through Death Road
North Yungas Road, nicknamed Death Road in Bolivia connects the capital La Paz with the town of Coroico. It is estimated that the 43 miles long road takes the lives of 200 – 300 passengers each year. The terrain is steep and rugged, and there is not enough room for overtaking. Along the way you can see the memorials dedicated to those who lost their lives here. The part of the route called “Balcony” killed several politicians and those brave enough to decide to go down and around the cliff to the foot of the mountain can see the wrecks of many vehicles covered by vegetation.

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Tornado chasing in the USA

Every year with the beginning of the tornado season in the U.S. at least a 100 adrenaline junkies book a trip with Extreme Tornados, a company that specializes in tours for tracking tornadoes. The company promises “an exciting holiday that will change your life.” The risky tour will cost you $ 2,600 a week, and tours are available between the months of April and July.

Tubing in Laos
Tubing is a type of extreme sport that involves going down through river rapids riding in a sort of inflated “sleighs”, which may (but need not) be attached to a boat. In Laos this activity is usually accompanied by large quantities of alcohol. Due to the mix of alcohol and danger, accidents are not rare. Many do not survive the descent down the rapids, but in spite all this Laos continues to attract tourists with the promise of a good time.

Pusher Street in Christiania, Denmark
Christiania may be one of the biggest attractions of Denmark, but one of its streets is considered quite dangerous. According to the Copenhagen police, this area has long been controlled by criminal groups that sell narcotics. For safety reasons, residents of Christiania have established strict rules, and visitors are advised to respect them. This means that there is no shooting, running, or phone calls. Some of the visitors who violated these rules have experienced threats, injuries, or ended up robbed.

Dynamite tour in Bolivia
Does crawling through mud while wearing a bag of dynamite sounds like fun? This is the greatest “fun” you’ll have on a tour of the silver mines of Potosi, Bolivia. Get used to narrow passages in the dark tunnels wearing only a mask that does not provide a sufficient protection from the dust in the air. Before entering you have to buy some gifts for the miners – coca leaves, alcohol, soft drinks and dynamite are a fine present. If you are into this type of tourism, you can attend a detonation of dynamite in the mine shaft.

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Bungee jump above a crocodile’s nest
Victoria Falls is not only famous for the mesmerizing scenery – on the bridge over the Zambezi River tourists can perform a bungee jump above the water full of crocodiles. Many visitors that have tried it describe the experience as “111 meters of pure adrenalin.” A tragedy was avoided in the last minute when a rope snapped, and a 22-year-old Australian fell in the Zambezi River. Luckily, she managed to swim to the coast without getting hurt.


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