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Tenerife, The Island Of Eternal Spring

Imagine yourself on a lovely island where everything is like painted by the hand of a master painter, so magical, just like in heaven, blue sky and turquoise sea along with long beaches and breathtaking nature. No, this is not a fairytale, is the island of eternal spring, Tenerife.

tenerife_09 via Flickr, by Pedro Lopez del Rosario, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Tenerife is one of the most beautiful Canary Islands. It is situated on the same meridian as Florida and the Caribbean and territorially belongs to Spain, although is closer to the African coast and Morocco.


 by Jonathan Sainz de aja via jonathan-sainz.blogspot

This island is known as the „island of eternal spring“because thru the year the temperate is pleasant and warm up to 21 degrees Celsius, and in the summer months around 28 degrees.

Although is small island, it has rich and diverse wild life, with lots of animals, lizards, birds, as well as fishes, dolphins and whales. The Mother Nature has been generous with this island, giving amazing flowers, plants and trees.

This island is one of the most visited tourist’s resorts in the world. It has many monuments and museums, especially from the time after the conquest of the island, like a proud testimony for its rich past. Interesting and important sites that you must visit on your vacation in Tenerife are the Cathedral of San Cristobal de La Laguna, San Andres Castle, Cave San Blas, Pyramids of Güímar, the towers in Santa Cruz, Museum of the History and Anthropology of Tenerife and many other old monuments and buildings. Another interesting experience for the visitors of this amazing island are the national festival and holiday. One of them is the Carnival in Santa Cruz, a combination of traditions, colors, music and local delicacies.

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In the heart of Tenerife, is located the National Park and the highest peak of Spain – Pico del Teide. As the island, this peak, 3715 meters high has a volcanic origin. From its top runs gas fumes that color is yellow. For this reason, the first inhabitants of the island call it “Peak of the hell” or Pico del Teide.

The most famous beach on this magnificent island is Las Teresitas, a place for pure pleasure. All you need to do to feel the spirit of hedonism is to relax on the white beach or dive in to the crystal clear water.

On this island you can find places where you can rest your body and soul, but also places where you can have all night party, dancing and drinking. Charming restaurants, local stores and bars are waiting for you.

But, you need to see the other part of Tenerife. The small villages where people live work hard on the fields or go fishing. The country side of the island is known for producing the best Spanish wine.

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So, visit this island, an amazing combination of luxurious and elite tourist resorts and hotels, charming restaurant, cocktails and fresh sea food, white beaches and small villages, fruit plantations, friendly locals and tasty wine.

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