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Take A Hike On The Most Dangerous Trail In The World

Experience The Most Dangerous Trail in The World

You’ve made many dangerous hikes and think that there is nothing that can surprise you and that you can get over every hurdle that may appear on a way to there. But we’re introducing you the mountain Hua Shan in China, the mountain where you can experience the deadliest hike at the most dangerous trail in the world.

01-Hua_Shan_Most_Dangerous_Trail_China_1 image source via Flickr, by Ben Beiske, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This hiking trail is proved to be the most dangerous hiking trail in the world. Located near the city Huainan, this is a perfect spot for the adrenaline and adventure lovers, and is visited by many mountaineers, climbers and even untrained adrenaline addicts every year.

Amazing Panoramic Sights From Bird’s Eye Perspective

The highest peak is 2154 metres tall and can offer you some amazing panoramic sights on the surrounding nature. It is hard to reach it, but the experience to be able to see the amazing landscapes from a bird’s eye perspective is worth risking it.

And this is not the sole thing that makes the mountain popular for the hikers and mountaineers, but there are several temples that can be found at different heights too. But these are primarily visited by monks only. You can enjoy in their amazing outside look only.

01-Hua_Shan_Most_Dangerous_Trail_China  image source via Flickr, by Ben Beiske, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The journey begins with the heavenly stairs which really take you to heaven, and are very steep. But this is only the easy part. The real adventure is yet to begin. There are several villages and houses that have grown up on these heights following the stone stairway.

Most Dangerous Trail Has Several Routes

Once you arrive high enough, you can take a cable car to the southern summit and continue the hike on the path that is covered with nothing but planks fixed only with spikes. To feel saver you can support on the chains attached on the rocky slopes. How this path was made is incredible, but in order to walk through it you’ve got to have a lot of courage. It moves close to the mountain and to the top and offers some breathtaking views on the whole mountain range and the villages spotted here or there. There are places where this most dangerous trail ends and you have to climb up using the metal chains as your only protection. There are feet-holes that will help you easily move to a higher point. And if you’re brave enough and continue to climb up and reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with a cup of tea. There is a Taoist temple that was later converted into a teahouse and nowadays rewards the bravest climbers with a cup of tea.

You Will Enjoy it All The Way

It will be a hard journey, but a worthy one and at the end you will feel satisfied with yourself and the courage it took you to make this hike and master it. The outcome of this task is not only the fact that you’ll overpass your fear, but the amazing experience and the stunning sights you’ll spot during the journey too. This is something that can be replaced with nothing. The memories of a journey are forever, and each journey is a story in itself. This is not  thought to be the hardest and the most dangerous place to hike at in vain. You have to try harder if you want to gain this rich experience followed with some luxury panoramic sights.

There are thousand tourists that take this hike yearly and enjoy in the spectacular views.


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