How to survive earthquake – 10 useful tips

Earthquakes are one of the worst natural disaster, you never know when it can happen and how strong in will be. In the past and nowadays the world has be hit with lots of earthquakes that have taken so many live and leave people without their home.

Sometimes the scientists can predict an earthquake, but again, it is not so precisely. For that reason only you need to know how to protect yourself and your family if the earth start shaking. The first thing to do is to forget about that old saying that in case of earthquake you need to stand on the door frame or under the table

via wikihow

Doug Copp, member of American Rescue Team International, a team that is known worldwide for handling natural disasters, shares with you ten simple and useful tips how to survive in a case of an earthquake.

Simply, when a house or building is collapsing because of earthquake, then weight of the ruins fells over the table or the door frame, so anybody under will be smashed.

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