How to survive earthquake – 10 useful tips

via filonoi

6. Never ever hide under the stairs. They are really dangerous place in time of earthquake.

7. The external retaining walls of the houses are the safest place to hide from this natural disaster. If you have a chance to hide there.

8. Don’t stay in your car while the earth is shaking. Step out of the car immediately and lie down next to it in a fetal position.
9. If the earthquake happens while you are in library or other room with lots of books or piles of paper, just hide next to the shelves with the books. The paper can’t bend or brake, so there is big chance to save your life.
10. One of the most dangerous places to hide in times of earthquake is the door frame. Never ever think that you can be safe there even if someone tells you that is safe to hide.
Copp says these simple tips can really help you save your or your family’s life during an earthquake.

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