How to survive earthquake – 10 useful tips

According to the team these simple tips will help you save your life during an earthquake.
Copp says that the Triangle of life can help you stay alive in times of this natural disaster. The Triangle of live is shown on these photos.

via rosebanicofortich

1. Never hide under table or similar furniture.

2. Lie down to big item or piece of furniture such as sofa, bedroom bed, car, closer and bend in the fetal position.

3. If you can, while building your home use wooden construction. The wood is more elastic and has different reaction to earthquake from the houses and buildings made of bricks.

4. If you are in bed and the earth start shaking, just lie down next to the bed.
5. If the earthquake happens while you are in the building and you can get out, just find a big piece and lie next to it in fetal position.

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