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Summer in New York: What to do & Where to go?

New York, the most famous city in the world, the center of fashion, culture, fun, drama, dance, art, business, night life and urban jungle. It is the city that never sleeps, so busy, vibrant and chaotic, but in the same time so amazing, friendly and welcoming.

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So many streets and corners, bars and cafes, architectural wonders, shops and vendors, every day you can see something new! This is the city that tourists love, and there many good reason why.

In every time of the year New York is magical, in winter when is covered in snow and you go ice skating, in autumn when is gold and gentle, in spring when everything is blooming and now, in summer when is so life, hot an fun!
For some New York is home, for some a passion, for other inspiration, and for most people like you, a desired destination.

If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple this summer here are the thing you need to do, see, feel and taste! From magnificent museum to lovely parks and beaches, exclusive shops and monuments, this city has it all.
Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, Wall Street, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Museum of Modern Art, Bronx Zoo, and much more places and spot that you need to see in this popular city, so you must be well prepared to have the journey of your life.

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And, the best part about summer in New York is that there are so many events and festivals for free, right on the streets or the park. You can try kayaking on the Hudson River or listen and outdoor opera in the park or be part of a parade. Not to mention all that open farmers market where you can find sweet and savory, fresh and tasty treats. So, the best is to find a calendar with all those free events and plan your trip according to the events and festivals you want to see.

Feel like a real New Yorker, grab a coffee to go and walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most amazing bridges in the world that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn across New York’s East River. Just stop and enjoy the view. If you have an artistic soul than New York’s big and famous museums and galleries are places that you need to see. But, don’t rush, take your time so you can really see and feel all the exhibitions and art works from old to contemporary artists.

If you feel the heat on the streets than take a walk and spend some time in Central Park, surround by lovely trees, just lie on the soft grass and hear the sound of the city. People love this park, is so refreshing and fun, you have lunch, read a book, run, ride a bike, play some sports and even sunbath. Whether you ride Central Park’s vintage Carousel, or just loving the view of the lake from the charming Boathouse Café, feeding the ducks or run laps with the locals around the Reservoir, this park will give so much pleasure, even with just walking in the shade.

You can grab a map and visit all those famous monuments and buildings in New York or you can just get a city tour, and there so many on them. The best one is with open-deck bus and then boat to the Statue of Liberty. If you can, don’t miss the sunset. It is said that from the Statue you can have the best view of the city while the sky is bursting in to flames.

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Thru the day you can visit all the neighborhoods in the city which offers such a diversity in lifestyles, but at night, just feel free on Time Square and the party in the famous clubs, at least once. And you must taste the city by trying the street food. New York is well known for the hot dogs, the pizza, the corn dog, doughnuts, ice cream, coffee and so much more tastes from different cuisines.

And, never leave New York without seeing a Broadway show, because here are the roots of the drama and musicals.
You will need more days to see all of this concrete jungle where dreams are made off!

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