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Summer in Croatia: Sailing, swimming and smiling

Croatia, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, rich with natural wonders, long and sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, long history and kind people waiting to host you. Summer vacation in Croatia is a true blast, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, long sunny days, small islands, warm climate and tasty and fresh sea food in combination with local wine. Sounds perfect, right?

via wikimedia by Greenweasel licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

If you still haven’t book you summer holiday, then Croatia in the perfect choice, because there you have it all.

The first reason why you need to visit these country is its amazing natural beauty. The coastal landscape, all the high mountains, the green valleys will leave you breathless. Along the shore you can find stunning and exclusive beaches, but also small and wild ones, bays with crystal water and amazing cliffs.

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A must-visit place on your holiday in Croatia is the Plitvice National Park, incredible place, lakes, waterfalls and wonderful views. The park has diverse flora and fauna, just like a small part of the heaven. Don’t forget your camera so you can lock in all those marvelous views.

You will see all Croatian beauty, the ancient architecture and medieval cities standing proud, all the beaches and bays, the azure sea and the little villages that live from fishing if you sail around the cost of this country. In the past years sailing in Croatia is becoming more and more popular with luxsurious yachts or old style ships. Fun and pleasure are guaranteed while sailing. Fun under the sun, diving in the crystal sea and visiting the islands. You stop to admire the cities along the coast, Rujeka, Zadar, Pula, Spilt and the stunning Dubrovnik. The whole sailing experience will spoil you, swimming, sunbathing, and fishing while enjoying in the sea and the sun.

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It is worth to know that there are 1244 islands, cliffs and reefs in Croatia, so sailing will be so adventurous and fun. Among them, the biggest are Cres and Loshinj, Brac, Havr, Vis, Korcula and Mljet. Each of them is worth visiting.

And, for the party loving people, the beach Zrce is one of the most popular. Young people from all over the world are coming because on the never-ending party with popular DJs. This beach is known as the Croatian Ibiza. Beach bar, clubs and pools, all meant for parties.

04-Golden Cape, Bol, Croatia via wikimedia by Szabolcs Emich licensed CC-BY-2.0

And, the waters along the amazing Dalmatian Coast are attractive for the celebrities as well, so you see a lot of luxsurious yachts on the harbors.

While enjoying on the beach or exploring the old cities with Roman architecture save time to taste the Croatian cuisine. Fish fresh from the sea prepared with local vegetable. Also, taste the local ham, cheese, salads, desserts and the wine, all prepared by old recipes on a traditional way.

View of the river Cetina-Omis Photo by Pajko via worldmapz

And if you are looking for totally new and unusual experience, then you can try the nudist resorts. Croatia is first country in Europe that introduce the nudist idea and every year more than million nudists are visiting.

So, if these are reasons enough then put Croatia on your destination list, and you will not regret at all. You will have an unforgettable holiday, filled with fun, sun, party, beautiful sea and sandy beaches. And to top all that, you will be amazed by one the most stunning sunsets in the world.

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