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The Strangest Travel Tours

As tourist destinations face rise and fall of popularity, the same thing goes for the activities and tours in which tourists participate when they are on vacation. Ten years ago, bungee jumping and skydiving were the most popular tourist activities. Today, these are considered as more or less usual, and if you haven’t experienced a jumping out of a plane or off a bridge – you really haven’t experienced anything interesting.

If you want to experience something different, see our list of tours, which are not likely to be featured in a commercial tourism, but they are certainly different and more interesting than the current available “normal” tours.

Protest tourism, U.S.

Sitting at the airport is not the best way to engage in a protest and that is why a growing number of tourists decide to visit some places in the United States where they can participate in protests for a couple of hours. All the necessary information about where to go and how to get involved can be found on-line.

01- protest_tourism  via survivalinternational

Who would be interested in this tour?

Socially responsible tourists.

Fear tourism, the U.S. and Canada

Haunted houses are clearly outdated and tourists are constantly on the look for something that will frighten them even more. The cruise based on the Saw film franchise, will scare even the most intrepid travelers. The “scary” ship cruise starts from New York in August, and tourists have the opportunity to hang out with the cast from the movie, and cruise around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Who would be interested in this tour?

Fans of horror films, fans of Canada, fans of Pinocchio.

“Crossword” tourism

For some of you, this may sound as more of a horror than fun since you’ll be stuck with hundreds of fans of crossword puzzles. The host of the tour is the famous crossword puzzles guru Stan Newman, and the cruise lasts for ten days. Not only will passengers be able to improve their ability to solve crosswords, but will also be able to design their own crossword puzzle, which may get published by Newsday.

Who would be interested in this tour?

Probably nerds in cardigans and glasses, or retirees who are looking for some action.

Homeless tourism, London

It is one thing to see the dazzling, romantic side of the city, and quite another to see it through the eyes of those who are rejected from it. This tour was introduced a few years ago as a part of the London Fringe Festival and offers tourists the opportunity to see the other side of London guided by a homeless person. This is your chance to experience the famous places such as London Bridge, Covent Garden and Mayfair through the anecdotes of people who live on the streets. Not only will this tour open your eyes, but will also contribute to your guide’s earnings.

 via thinkprogress

Who would be interested in this tour?

People who want to genuinely get to know the city they are visiting.

Illegal immigration tour, Mexico

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cross the border from Mexico to the United States, but the illegal way – now you have the opportunity to find out. It consists of a night hike through Parque EcoAlberto, located in northwestern part of Mexico, and participants of the tour get a boost of hope that they will be able to cross to America. The program also includes border police and other refugees who will help you in this action. While running away from the fake police sounds a little ridiculous, this tour offers a serious message that immigration is not a source of pride, and it is a part of a complex set of relations in which immigrants are the one who are always on the loss.

Who would be interested in this tour?

All those who intend to stay longer than their visa expiration date :).

Graveyard tourism

Passengers have been visiting the graves of famous people for years, and among the most popular eternal resting places are the ones of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison. However, the good side of graveyard tourism is that its source is endless.

 via historicithaca

Who would be interested in this tour?

Travelers who want to pay tribute to the celebrities and weird, crazy fans.

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