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The Strangest Looking Houses in the World

Strangest Looking Houses Worldwide

The human fantasy has no boundaries. There are many people around the world that try to be creative and express it on their houses. Some of them create art pieces and accidentally trying to make something interesting for them make world known attractions.

Here is a list of some of the strangest looking houses found worldwide.

The top tenth is the Swedish FIFA World Cup House. It seems that the FIFA World cup from 2006 that took place in Sweden left awesome memories for this guy and he had built his great fan house.

On the ninth place are The Cave Houses in China or such known as Yaodung – like the Chinese say it. This looks like the interesting temples and houses that existed once in Capadokia in Turkey. Today there are millions that live in their improvised cave houses in the Shanxi Province. The soil here is soft and they can easily build and spread their houses on the inside of the caves.

image source via Wikimedia Commons, By Meier&Poehlmann (Own work), license CC BY 3.0

Following with The Bottle House in Ukraine. We all know that the people from the former Soviet Union drink a lot. And drinking comes with many empty bottles. Well, the resident of this house found an interesting way to reuse the empty bottles and the creativity played a great role too. Concrete and glass bottles were used for the façade of this house.

Different and Creative Ideas for Houses

Number seven is the Porcelain house in Tianjin, China. The Chinese are known for their porcelain craft and the amazing things they do with it. And this porcelain collector has found another way to use the porcelain, and made this stunning façade of the house. He spent 4 years in decorating the house using unique porcelain pieces, and now it is a real eyesore for all the tourists. There are 400 million antique porcelain, 20 tons of natural crystals, 300 marble carvings, all white, and 16 thousand pieces of ancient chinaware used for this façade.

 image source via mosaicera

And have you heard of the Giant home-made Wooden House in Russia. This is one amazing wooden skyscraper. And it kind of looks like the house of the Wesley family in the Harry Potter series of movies. It has 13 floors and is half the size of the Big Ben tower. This house is also in the Guinness Book of Records and is the biggest wooden house in the world.

 image source via ecolessystem

And on the fifth place is the amazing small Mobile Bike house. It is awesome how can everything be fitted in this small tricycle house. And it is very practical too, you can take it wherever you want to. This way you can enjoy travelling around without worrying for the place for accommodation.

 image source via tinyhousedesign

Proceeding to the Swan House During Divorce that is located in Cambodia. After 4 years together, this couple decided to divorce and after their divorce, they wanted to divide their assets equally, including their house. It’s outrageous how it was done, but their house is literally sewed on half. The land that belonged to this couple is divided in 4  parts. For them and their two kids.

Inspiration from Movies and Books

The 60 year old Tony Alleyne was a great fan of the Star Trek series, that he designed his whole apartment into a replica of the Starship Enterprise. This Star Trek flat is located in England, and this man became very popular and was interviewed many times thanks to his dream house and how the transformation process went. It was a decade long project, but it was worthy and there can be found even a computerised flight deck, set of transporters, and voice-activated lighting.

05-Star-Trek-flat image source via mirror

And the greatest surprise on the list is the Upside down House located in the tiny village Szymbark in Poland. This artwork was constructed to represent the end of the communist era, and is a real tourist attraction and catches the eyes of people from all over the world. The interior of the house is as it was before, in the communist era.

image source via Wikimedia Commons, Photograph by Tomasz Sienick, license CC BY 3.0

The top one is the Toilet House in  South Korea. It is a giant toilet and presents a museum where you can learn something more about the sanitation in South Korea. It was once a house of Mr. Sim, the pioneer of the toilet culture movement. He wanted to commemorate the foundation of the World Toilet Association in 2007. In 2009 this house was donated to the Suwon city and it is a museum nowadays. This house in a shape of a  toilet was mainly built to bring awareness about the need of adequate sanitation worldwide.

These projects that can be found world wide are not the only ones, but a part of many other masterpieces. Deliberately or not, many people trying to be unique and different create these masterpieces. There are many artists that express their creativity on their facades and we’re glad for that. Some are museums, some are actually residential places for a family. But no matter, they still stand as eyesores and catch the eyes of many travellers and odd seekers.


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