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Rummu – It Was Once A Prison, And Today Is A Popular Blue Lagoon

In the below given video is presented Rummu – that once served as an abandoned Soviet prison and a limestone mining place, but today that is all left behind in history. It is transformed into a very popular blue lagoon and a beautiful beach, and all thanks to Mother Nature.

 image by jannok, license CC BY-SA 2.0

The prison was popular back in 1938 and was known by the name of Murru Prison. It is located in Estonia. The mining area was actually around the prison, there was a limestone quarry and still is, and prisoners back then worked as miners during the day. This prison worked till 1991 when Estonia divided from the Soviet Union. And the prisoners were forced to leave. The drainage stopped and the underground water flooded the whole prison complex with water and formed this small natural lake around it.

From Prison To A Popular Blue Lagoon

Today the ruins of the prison complex can be spotted above and beneath the water and all the wreck that went underwater seems interesting for many divers that want to explore the complex and everything else that hides and settles in that lagoon.  The clear water contributes for the diving to be even better, only there are several rooms where because of the lack of windows it is not as visible as it is in some other rooms in the sunken part.

 image by Ingolfson, license via Wikimedia Commons


New Look For The Harsh Prison

It is incredible how nature works sometimes. After the great terror felt in this location, and right after the country was liberated from the Soviet Union, water has flooded the stone pit and transformed it from a terrible punishment place into a good looking and a very popular beach.  A brand new era began replacing the greyness of the place with the bright blue colour of the lagoon and brought happiness and joy with it.


 image by Mirjam Tally, license CC BY 2.0




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