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The most Original Restaurants Around the World that will Captivate you with their Look

What is essential for every traveller despite the great adventure is the place where she/he’ll rest. And these things can bring about the whole adventure experience too. The things you spend most time on are the ones that might leave you a special impression about the whole place. The owners of the restaurants mentioned below must agree with me on this matter, that looks is very essential and can help the popularity grow, and bring about the perspective of the whole place as well.
Here is a list of some unique of their kind restaurant, that will definitely leave you an impression.

Grotta Palazzese in Italy

What is special about this restaurant is the place where it’s situated in, which is inside the caves on the beach Polinano a Mare. This is one of the most beautiful and scenic locations and the best place to taste some of the authentic Italian kitchen. The sight towards the Adriatic Sea is simply incredible and goes well with a glass of wine (probably one of the best wines in Europe are produced here). The experience and time spend here will be simply unforgettable.

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The Waterfall Restaurant, in the Philippines

This unusual restaurant is located in the amazing Escudero villa, just a couple of metres away from the base of the Labasin waterfalls. The most interesting thing is that the tables are all placed in the water running from the waterfall. Once you sense like getting hot, you can just cool your feet in the busy water. Also, the taste of the buffet here is the best. You mustn’t miss to taste this mix of different meats and curry on bamboo leaves.

via distractify

via distractify

The Groto, Crabs, Thailand

Located in the Rayavadee Resort, the Grotto is an amazing restaurant. The tables are placed on a limestone cliff, the floor is all covered with sand and the view is towards the magnificent beach with crystal clear water. It has that real exotic appearance and fits perfectly with the surroundings.

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Joben Bisto, Kluj Napoka, in Romania

This odd pub will bring you back in time with its charming design of steam pipes and different machines. This mixture of yellow metal, copper, and luminous lights makes it one elegant and classy hiding place. Amazing spot to hang out with your buddies. You will feel like you’re inside a time travel machine.

via steampunktendencies

via steampunktendencies

Piz Gloria, Murren, Switzerland

This restaurant probably has the best bird’s eye view. You can catch some of it from a plane, but that’s drafting images only. The restaurant is located 10.000 metres high in the Bernese Alps. You can get there only with a roperailway, but the view from there is indescribable. This very place was on screen as well, thanks to the James Bond movies. The crew members from “Majesty’s Secret Service” had a lunch in this restaurant.

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Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

The Specialty of the day here, almost every day, is Seafood. What makes it so special is the location where it’s set. Lengthwise the peninsula of Michamvi Pingve built on a cliff, this restaurant is available only with a boat and the food that is served here is totally fresh and hunted only metres away.

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Romita Comedor Restaurant, Mexico

This restaurant can brag with its elegance and its situated in the heart of Colonia Roma, set on the top of a roof with amazing windows and a ceiling that opens towards the magical landscape. The authentic Mexican kitchen and the magnificent cocktails are also some of the things that make this place become even more famous.

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Ithaa Undersea Restauant, on the Rangali Island in the Maldives

As you can probably guess it by the name, this is only one of the several restaurants underwater in the world. It is five metres under the surface. How awesome is it to dine surrounded by the deep blue sea and take a glimpse closer in the specific wildlife that dwells there.

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Le Panoramic Restaurant, in France

It is on top of Brevent, more than 8000 metres above the ground. Not only you get amazed by the view on the surrounding landscapes, but the feeling that you’re at the top of the monumental Mont Blanc is simply indescribable.

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At.Mosphere Restaurant, in Dubai

122 floors up the sky, this restaurant is located in the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. This restaurant not only offers that amazing panoramic view on one of the most prominent places in the world, but some lavish traditional meals are served here as well.

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Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Another one in Dubai, but in a different location this time. What is exceptional about this eatery is its interior, where everything from the floor to the ceiling is actually one huge aquarium, known as “The Oyster Shell”.

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Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Kenia

The Ali Barbour cave is considered to be 180.000 years old. And from recently, the restaurant found its seat there. And not only the fact that it’s settled in a cave is interesting, but how it is situated in a series of connected rooms leading you 30 metres underground. How cool and odd at the same time is to spend your time here.

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Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

These chambers of wood offer you an opportunity to climb up the tree and have your dinner with an awesome bird’s eye perspective. And just imagine starting your day here, having your breakfast, surrounded by this nature and the listening to the bird song near you. How the waiters move around while brining your delicious food is to respect, it seems like they are better acrobats than waiters.

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Hotel Chocola, in Sent Lucia

Located between the cacao gardens with a view towards the Pitons, the two volcanic mountains that dominate in the surrounding, this restaurant seduces the whole place with the tastes coming out from the cacao kitchen. Cocoa is the secret ingredient used in every dish no matter, it’s salty or fresh. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the flavour of chocolate and the astonishing view at the same time.

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Camera Café, Yangpyeong , South Corea

This last on our list restaurant is in a sleepy village near Seoul, build by a passionate lover and camera collector. This bizarre café enchants every visitor and gives one amazing experience for a place, one of a kind, placed in the list among the other marvels that are on Earth.

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I hope you enjoyed with our selection of unique and with a special look and appearance restaurants. Ones that really represent true gem stones for the places where they’re situated. Places that can be hardly forgotten after someone pays a visit to one of these restaurants.

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