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The Most Remarked Climbs on Mont Everest in 2013

Climbing Mount Everest is a big deal. Or at least it used to be, since now there are many that are attempting to ascend it. It’s a dream climb for all of the mountaineers over the globe. The most worthy climb. The feeling up there is like having climbed on the top of the world. But it’s not only mountaineers that attempt this climb. There are many others, that possess the necessary budget and attempt a climb like this in order to prove something to the others, or mark a special occasion in their lives. But no matter how, it’s important that everyone should have a previous experience, strength and previous exercises as well, in order to acclimatize to the elevation and thin air up there.
Last spring there were many expeditions made on the Mount Everest. It was the largest number of climbers, in this peak’s history. There were some who suffered real healthy troubles right after the descents, and a few have passed as well suffering from altitude sickness, exhaustion or because of the weather changes. There were more than 32 climbing expeditions and more than 750 climbers at this time. And Mount Everest was the most overcrowded in May and below we have a proof of some of the expeditions made mostly in May. The climbing was way slowed and people were waiting up to 5 hours in order to pass the fixed ropes on the Hillary Step, since they were passing it one after another (only one can pass it). This waiting resulted in increasing their death risk. So, 2013 will be remarked as the busiest and overcrowded year in the Mount Everest’s history.

01-everest via flickr by Didrik Johnck licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Another interesting thing that occurred and it’s worth remembering is that, Valery Rozov, a 48 year old Russian base jumper sponsored by Red Bull has jumped off Mount Everest’s North Face in a wind suit. He was recorded for making the fastest and the highest base jump in the world. He started a little lower from the top, from 7220 metres. He needed two years to prepare for the jump. And it took him four days to get to the jumping site. Later on, he said that the most critical phase for him was the thin air.

Mount Everest got the oldest person that has reached the top. It was an old Japanese climber Yuiciro Muira, at age 80 who conquered the top on May 23 in 9:05h. With this routine he has crushed the old record set in 2008 by a 76 year old (a Nepalese climber, named Min BahadurSherchan). He wanted to make the climb again this year at 81, and beat his own record, but some health problems stopped his attempt.
A new record was set that year. A Mexican climber, named David Liano Gonzales has reached the top climbing both sides, the south and the north side in a single season. He made two ascends and two descends from both sides. This makes him the only guy who has ever done that. Starting firstly from the Nepal side, he has reached the peak on May 11. And after the descent, he went straight to the Tibetian side, and conquered the peak once again, only this time on May 19.
Following the example of the double-amputee Mark Inglis from New Zealand that climbed Mount Everest without legs in 2006, the Nepalese-Canadian climber Sudarshan Guatanmlost, who is double-amputee as well, with no arms made an attempt to climb Mount Everest. The mount was successful, and he has reached the summit on May 19, the same day David Gonzales reached the top for the second time, 8 days after the first one.
This next thing will cause you a bit picky and afraid whether you have selected the right Sherpa guide with you. A big quarrel was made last year between some Sherpas and three West climbers (Ueli Steck from Switzerland, Jonathan Griffin from England, and Simone Moro from Italy). There was a big fight at Camp 2. According to the story the Westerns told, is that the Sherpas threw rocks at them, but fortunately they’ve escaped following some other climbers that were reaching the top. And after returning back to Camp 2 again, the Sherpas were even more angry and aggressive towards them. Some Sherpas have claimed that the foreigners were the ones knocking ice down on them. But the local police worked on the case and made all things right stating that they will do everything they can in order to protect the foreigners from then on.

via flickr by Jamie McIntyre licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Every year there is something new and worth memorizing that happens up on Mount Everest. Some moments are happy, some can fear us, or even make us laugh. There are various records set up there as well. Some are trying to beat them, but there are some that are conceiving some new records such as our Mexican guy from the list above. But this is something that is worth memorizing, not like the banal record set for sharing the first tweet from the top of the world.

The springtime is the climbing season for visiting the Mount Everest. The most visited time is from the end of April- till the beginning of June. Throughout May, that’s when the tourist-climbers mostly come.

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